New Beginnings-

How exactly does one just “start a blog” thirty one years into their life? It is an idea I’ve tossed about in my mind a hundred times, I even have blogger friends that inspire me… Somehow though, it always just remains an idea and that actual idea has never come to fruition. Where do you start? What do you call it? Do you start at your current life? How will people know to read it (will they even care to read it?!?) without you publicizing a blog that you’d like to write semi-anonymously? Inspired by a sarcastic and snarky birthday card, the Judgy Poodle has been made (no thank you auto-correct, I do NOT wish to change that to Pudgy Poodle).

And so…here we are… For all of you that just cringed because I started a sentence with the word and, please be warned, it won’t be the last time. Judgy Poodle isn’t always judgy just for the record. Sometimes witty, sometimes a crybaby, and sometimes a raging hormonal b**ch. My goal in this is not to be the fanciest or most eloquent writer. Who knows? The “blog” might end up more as an online journal. The goal however IS to be honest in both the struggles and triumphs of a marriage, friendships, a full time job, a struggle with infertility (why is making a human so so hard?), homeownership and any other life details that get thrown my way. There you are. Welcome to my musings.


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