Lions, Tigers, and Bulls Oh my?

If you aren’t familiar with Charles Clarke’s (I sincerely hope I am crediting the right person…) analogy on communication styles the fact that I will reference Bulls, Tigers, Lambs, and Owls (BOLTs) might seem peculiar. This is way too brief of an overview, but the basic gist is that you generally have predominant characteristics of one of the below:
 Seeks To Control The Negotiation

 Bottom Line, Get To The Point
 Very Analytical, Detail Oriented Researcher
 Seeks Logical Order
 Seeks To Please People, Avoids Conflict
 Takes Forever To Make Up Their Mind
 Very Expressive and Fun-Loving
 Impulsive and Excitable
Some people are mix of two, for instance I am a Bull-Tiger(Poodle) and rarely, you have people that can be a blend of 3-4. It’s interesting after taking the “quiz” (if you want to call it that, it’s more of a survey in my opinion) to see if you actually are what YOU think you are. Is the way that other people categorize you the same way you would label yourself? Sometimes as a Bull-Tiger I want to eat Lambs. Sometimes I want to cuddle them. This leads me to the actual point of my post today.
I have learned to accept Lamb’s communication styles (sometimes) and to be honest, because I try to pay more conscious attention to that, I am a lot less annoyed now that I realized WHY they act/react the way they do. It also helps me remember to keep my bull in check. A bull doesn’t have to be a bull in a china shop. A lamb doesn’t have to be boring. I am trying to be more tolerant of different animal personas, but what I have learned, is that I am not tolerant with (and refuse to budge on) mediocrity. Oh and liars—another big pet peeve. If you’re a lamb, be a good lamb! If you’re a tiger, be a good tiger! But do not be a mediocre donkey, it’s not even in the matrix of animals to choose from. I do not accept mediocrity in my marriage, my friendships, or my professional life, and it infuriates me that some do! I’ve been talked to a few times in past years about having “too high of standards”. I’m sorry I am not sorry that I expect people to try. Let’s be clear. I have the highest standards for myself too, so if they’re “unrealistic” standards, at least they’re unrealistic across the board. Doing work half-assed isn’t ok and I somewhat pity the folks who accept it. Before I met PC,I was told a man with the qualities I was looking for didn’t exist. Certainly glad I didn’t listen to the nay-sayers then either.


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