Roses are Red, Violets are Blue…

…Except that violets are purple.

It’s Valentine’s week.

This either means “crap, f**k love” or “I expect flowers and mush”, which are you?

I like to think PC and I are somewhere in the middle. We exchange cards, and usually he does something nicer for me than I do for him. He was seemed perfectly content the year I bought him boxer shorts and a pack of Slim Jims–I am almost positive he bought me some sort of nice jewelry that same year, but who is keeping track? I agree with the fact that Valentine’s Day is over commercialized, but isn’t Christmas overdone too? I still love to celebrate the shit out of Christmas, so I am going to eat my heart shaped chocolates and talk about mushy things this second week of February and not even feel guilty about it.

Admittedly it’s my own fault, but I will likely never get flowers from PC again. When we first started dating, he sent flowers to my office with a really thoughtful message. The work prankster, Captain Coyote, xeroxed the message and taped it all over the office. I should never have mentioned it to PC, because I am 99% sure he equated my embarrassment in the situation to him actually sending the message/flowers.  I have to appreciate that PC shows his love in ways that I can’t photograph and Instagram on Facebook.


3 thoughts on “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue…

  1. Should we all not be romantics on the 14th ? We can set aside our realism and pragmatism and for one day a year dream about perfection!

  2. We fall where you do as well. Although I did get mad at him one time when he wouldn’t let me tag him in the picture of the flowers b/c I thought he was trying to hide it when really he just doesn’t like being tagged as an inanimate object. Thankfully, FB changed that setting. 🙂

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