Keep that to yourself Barker!

The assault with Bob Barker’s microphone (also known as an ovary check) didn’t go as well as planned today. Days three through seven included taking two pills a day to strengthen follicles. Laymen’s terms? My ovaries are on roids. ROID RAGE. Kidding. No rage….yet.

I walked into the appointment today feeling relatively confident. I’d already resolved a conflict between online pharmacy and FSA account (I’m unstoppable right?)I did not leave feeling the same. I should have known it wasn’t going to be the ideal day when I was getting a rumbly belly (nerves?) before I even got out of the car. The lady who draws the blood was forced to dig around for a rolling vein for too long. I started to feel guilty as she apologized profusely but a)luckily it didn’t hurt that bad and b)I knew it was at least partially my own fault that I’d had only coffee before the appointment and that my veins were probably angry, thirsty, and hiding.

The veins weren’t the only things hiding. Apparently my ovaries were too. Did you know they just free float around? Maybe before this whole process I was just reproductively ignorant, but never would I have believed they were just these slippery free floating things that sometimes like to hide behind your intestines and anything else they can duck behind. The nurse finally thinks she found them, only to find out that they aren’t doing much this month. Aka they didn’t react as planned to the medicine (or so she thinks).

The nurse said she’d call today with blood results to figure out our next step, and as of right now I am still anxiously awaiting the call. Maybe it will be different and/or medicine for next cycle, maybe they will cancel IUI if they don’t think there is a solid chance, or maybe I am just moving slowly this month and will have to go in for a recheck. Those are the three options she mentioned but I am hoping I know sooner than later which one it is. Waiting is dreadful.


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