The Money Pit(s)?


Today’s post brought to you by a mixture of homeowner nightmares and reproductive updates.

SO yeah…two totally different thoughts, one single blog posting…where to begin. The only thing in common is that they both suck the $ out of our bank account like a vacuum hose.

For those that don’t know the backstory on our house, it’s been….an adventure. Short story, beginning 24 hours after we moved in back in 2011 the water issues began. Ill-plumbed pipes (thank you crappy former homeowner, I hope your shitty house flipping Karma comes back on you 10-fold), copper pipe leak, high humidity state, broken pipe behind shower head***, roof leak, you name it, it’s happened and it equals lots-o-moisture.

I think I should buy stock in Damprid and moisture stain hiding paint. The small dehumidifiers I’ve bought recently seem to help, but not kidding, I empty a quart out of each of the three of them weekly. That’s a lot of water right? It doesn’t seem to be such an issue even in more humid months when the air is running. Right now however with the gorgeous weather, and mild temps, no need for heat or air = MOIST house. My least favorite word. It’s fitting that it would be my home-owning nemesis right? PC is more bothered by the risk of mold (obviously a valid concern, only heightened by the fact that he’s allergic to it). I am more bothered by the fact that if not kept in control, my brand new wood floors are going to explode off the subfloor and that will cause my head to in turn explode off my shoulders. Priorities right?

In lighter news, I had my day 11 checkup yesterday. Never in my life did I think I would be planning my life around a 28 day cycle. Oh you know, where do you spend your day 11? Not feet up in stirrups? A shame, you’re really missing out. So my regular office isn’t open on the weekends, but they have a downtown one that is, so headed there bright and early Saturday. I was slightly nervous initially. Reasons two-fold. A)This is a repeat of the appointment that went really poorly last month. B) I wasn’t 100% sure my appointment was at 9am, so I went in early, asked the woman to confirm and she just rolled her eyes and asked me to take a seat. Uh-oh, this won’t end well at this rate.  I was eventually called back and the vampire nurse drew blood and while it didn’t hurt, left a track mark that makes me look like I belong in rehab. I really have to make a point to drink more water before these appointments because the vampires have had a lot of issues lately finding veins. So back to the checkup. New nurse (remember, at different office today) found ovaries in 2.5 seconds. I am not sure whether to be thrilled that it was poke/prod free or annoyed that some of them take 2.5 years instead to find them. She told me to tell the next nurse they’re about 1-2 o’clock and closer to my uterus. My normal nurse at my next appointment is either going to find this really helpful, or I will sound like a pervy lunatic. Keep you posted there. Headed to fields to see Snarky’s youngest babe play on Saturday and wait for “the dreaded call”.

It didn’t come. I mean the call did, but it wasn’t dreaded! Everything looks great. Follicles are responding to this months’ meds and IUI is scheduled for Tuesday. Backstory, I have no thyroid. It had issues earlier in life (around age 15) and proceeded to grown some awesome cancer by about age 27, so it’s nixed and gone. While Synthroid has been a part of my life for what seems like forever now, it hasn’t seemed to be the main focus as far as a reproductive concern. Until now. Last appt. they figured out some other hormone (I can’t remember now what it’s even called?) regulated by a pituitary/thyroid gland combo was high. Still in the range of “normal” but too high for someone trying to conceive. Introduce one more nightly med and voila, the levels are back to great, so here’s hoping! Any good jujus and prayers that people believe in are welcomed this week. Stay tuned!

***Poodle courtesy warning-for any of you that are homeowners or even if you just give a hoot about the place you rent, beware of shower caddies that hang off the shower head. Apparently if the pipes in the wall are PVC pipes (a cheap alternative lots of builders and plumbers have secretly put in your walls) and not a sturdier metal, then filling your shower hanger up with shampoos and heavy bath necessities pulls down and cracks the pipe behind the wall and slowly leaks away behind the wall. Yay. This means (especially in FL)risks for mold, need for new drywall and sometimes ripping out your master bathroom and closet to the studs.You’re welcome.



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