Luck-o-The Irish

Let’s hope those words are truer this year than ever before for me and some others that stay constantly on my mind (and wish list, etc.). Keeping my fingers crossed today for a special friend.

We still won’t have any updates on the IUI results for another week or two…so far I want to be optimistic, but I feel totally the same as I do every other day, so the wait continues.

In St. Patricks’ Day news, I am wearing green mostly to avoid a really hard pinch from Coyote. He’s not Irish (that I know of) but looks for any reason to torment me in the office. Frequently, he waits until I go to the restroom just so he can bang on the door and to give me a heart attack. I can’t play (completely) innocent. I’ve locked him in the same said restroom before and often as possible hide his belongings or jump out and scare him. Together we’re sort of an intolerable (but I like to think hysterical) pair. I laugh to the point of tears when I think of the day/days/week of the snap pops under the toilet seats at work…scaring people is just so funny. I can’t take credit for that idea either…my father used to scare us twice a year (New Years and 4th of July when snap pops are available) with the same trick. EVERY. YEAR.untitled


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