A Decade You Say?

The fight continues. Thanks to everyone providing good jujus thoughts or prayers. While I didn’t fall pregnant from the IUI, the good energy is good for my soul and my spirits.  We will continue the process with open minds and open hearts, although might be skipping a month or so just due to travel schedules with PC and I. Speaking of next month, we have our 4 year anniversary coming up. Hard to believe right? Admittedly I am totally biased because it was my own wedding, but it was a fun party and feels like it was more recent. I’ve been having a whole lot of those “holy s**t” it’s been that long moments this week. Most people probably do this when they hit a milestone birthday. I am in turn reflecting at approximately 31.5 years old.

I moved to Orlando 10 years ago this year. Say what? Yeah, true story. A place I thought I would try out job wise that at the time was “close enough” to home has turned into a permanent place for me. I’ve met some life-changing friends, met and married PC, adopted three animals, moved 4 times since I arrived, bought a house and more.

The above in turn means I graduated from college TEN years ago this year also. So many people have degrees now, but it’s still one of my proudest accomplishments. I worked 25+ hours a week on top of school, partied (too) hard and made memories that last a lifetime.

My wedding anniversary is also the anniversary of my job start date. Eight years I will have been at my current job. Whoa. I’ve had the chance to travel through work (India, Sweden, Canada and several US trips) that I am grateful for the experiences–I’ve always seen myself as a “career” type person, but when you realize you’ve been somewhere almost a decade it seems crazy.

Over St. Patty’s day last week, I reminisced about an amazing Spring Break trip I took to London to visit friends on St. Patty’s day years back. Twelve years back in fact. I was a kid in so many ways still. Separate but related, this means the summer camps I worked at in college (2001 and 2003) were over a decade ago. I learned lessons (seriously until you’ve been a camp counselor, you will probably just roll your eyes at this) that you can’t learn anywhere else. Lessons about sharing, understanding, emotions, exhaustion, creativity, you name it—that I feel like I still rely on today.

Today I don’t feel old. I feel proud.




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