Holy DOMS Batman

There is another word besides “agony” for what I am feeling after going back to the gym this week. It’s DOMS. Apparently “two-day sore” isn’t the official title (thanks runner friends for giving me the correct lingo) of the body’s rebellion 48 hours after a work-out.
No seriously. OH-MY-GOD if this isn’t the reminder I need to go to the gym more consistently. Trying out some classes at a new gym and wanted a little sampler of the different offerings. I started this week with a Zumba class from a Ukrainian Monster named Olga. She must have been in her late 40’s/early 50’s and had so much energy it put me to shame. I also envy the booty-shaking that comes naturally to some. My hip shaking never looks that fluid. I felt myself in a non-pervy way constantly staring at her backside. I felt good for the first half of class. Second half, I was holding down the puke, but in a good way (is that possible?). The next day I felt great. Sore enough to know I’d worked hard, but no pain. I decided Pilates sounded like a good idea that night. I am still questioning that decision. Ya’ll Pilates is hard. These ladies make it look so simple. The instructor must have feared I was about to drop dead or walk out. She reassured me that some of these ladies had been in her class for years. My abs (or lack of) on the other hand are trembling within 10 minutes of class starting. I push through. I hold down the puke again. Who knew such small movements could have such a large impact on EVERY MUSCLE IN YOUR BODY. I’ve been cruising around in PC’s car while he’s out of town and after that class, I immediately regretted it. I wasn’t even sure I was going to be able to lift my legs up the two stairs out of the gym, let alone push in the clutch to drive his vehicle home. You guys that think I might be exaggerating are wrong this time. If you already have jello legs the same day, you know you’re in for it.
Yesterday, I was stiff. I still made it to Zumba again because I figured moving more would help? Maybe not. Today I feel like I am 90. I make groaning and grunting noises every single time I stand up from my desk chair. I dropped a paper on the floor and it took me holding onto a bookshelf and some straining to get bent over and back up again to get it. Dom-dom-dom-doms.
Side note. Happy wedding anniversary to PC. Today marks 4 years, we will celebrate this weekend down at Universal when he’s home! I think I will celebrate tonight by marinating in an Epsom Salt bath.


4 thoughts on “Holy DOMS Batman

  1. I know exactly what you mean. I started a daily exercise class last year, and for the first week I seriously could hardly walk. No shit! I could hardly sit to pee and forget getting off the toilet. It was awful!!

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