Happy Fridays all around. It didn’t start that happy, but my chin is up and I march forward. Today was follow up appointment day. The good news is that the cyst from two weeks ago on my left ovary is small enough we don’t even have to refer to it as a cyst anymore. We can just call it “an enlarged follicle”. The bad news is my right ovary has two large cysts on it now that have seemingly appeared out of nowhere. I question a little bit if they somehow just missed them on the last scan or if they have just mysteriously appeared in two weeks. I will backtrack to Tuesday night– I was in such pain in the middle of the night (on my lower right hand side) that I was about 90 seconds away from waking PC up to take me to the Emergency Room. I thought maybe I had appendicitis because the pain was so extreme, but suddenly, like it’s onset it went away and I wrote it off to being freakishly bad gas pains. The nurse explained today it was likely the work of the cysts. Cysts are evil monsters. It’s not “normal” but not rare either that I would actually get new cysts while on BC but they’re now switching the meds because it’s obviously the wrong pill for my body. I needed the Dr. to make a switch regardless because the LoEstra is making me so sick that I’ve been referring to it as the bulimia pill. I’ve gotten sick to the point of vomiting at least three times a week since I’ve been on it. That could possibly explain why I had to put a rubber band on my jeans this morning (they mysteriously went from fitting to falling down in 2.5 hours) but it’s not exactly the weight loss plan I had in mind. Because the new cysts are no bueno, they’re also entertaining the idea that I might have PCOS which is not welcome news and further complicates our journey. In some weird way, it’s also a little bit comforting to know we are closer to answers and less of the unknown and if it’s something that we can treat/work around, I will accept it. In all fairness, I don’t know a lot about PCOS and would rather wait until they can confirm/deny before freaking myself out. Research is tough…Google can be the DEVIL though and fills you full of worst case scenarios (Google Fear Mongering). MUST.STAY.OFF.THE.INTERNET. I start the new pack of pills today. It likely means I will get to skip Red Death this month all together. It’s like a flashback to working at summer camp when you would try to intentionally skip it! I won’t actually miss it at all, but to be honest it’s slightly strange since for years I’ve been scheduling life around “cycle day ___”.

Looking forward to a weekend with very little scheduled. The house needs some serious TLC since PC and I were gone last weekend at Universal, we didn’t do our regular weekend housecleaning. Yes, I realize just I am lucky that he chore-shares with me. I do kitty litter, he does trash. I do bathrooms, he does floors and so on. It works out well and one benefit of NOT having kids is that we can clean the house in no time and it stays that way for at least a few days. Snarky’s kids are playing ball this weekend and the weather is supposed to be fabulous, so I am hoping to maybe get down to see them. The yard guy came this week which also means there’s a clear spot for me to inflate my kiddie pool and relax in the sun. With zero chance of be being pregnant this month, I can drink cold Angry Orchard in the hot sun, and listen to music without any guilt in the world. Lately, I’ve also neglected my leisure reading and have about 5 books stacked up to start including Divergent. I refuse to see the movie until I’ve read the book. The parentals also called in a gift certificate to our favorite Indian restaurant for our anniversary…and since PC doesn’t eat meat on Fridays during lent, it might be the perfect place for dinner tonight. As always, I will photograph my dinner and send a picture to Tots (our token Indian friend) to make her jealous and then chow down on some curry and Naan. Such a tough life right? Happy weekends to all.


5 thoughts on “Sun.Sleep.Eat.Repeat.

  1. Sorry about the new jerks that decided to hang out on your organs. Lets kick them out mkay? (If only it were that easy, right?) You enjoy that pool & cider chica. Xoxoxo

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