Mother’s Day, you conflicting little day you…

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, a day of mixed emotions in our house. I am close with my mom, I am thankful she’s still in my life and there’s no shame in saying that. However, PC lost his mom 5 years ago this week, and Mother’s Day is a constant reminder of that for him. Those of us fortunate enough to have both our parents still in our lives forget sometimes how rough those “holidays” can be for those without them. My heart hurts for him on these days…and while he would never expect me to not acknowledge my mom (or even post cheesy things on Facebook) I try to remember to send a little extra love to my friends that celebrate their mamas through memories alone on this day. It also leads me to my judgmental little rant. If you’re one of those “you don’t know true love until you’re a mom” Facebook posters, than be warned—I want to digitally punch you in the face and you should probably cease reading this post now. Warning, I woke up to a dog poop explosion this Monday morning and feeling slightly on edge.
Don’t get me wrong…I am excited for those mommies with kids. I am excited for those mommies expecting kids. I might even (guilty) be the one that looks at cute little munchkins on social media (exclude the OVER posters) and enjoys it. However for someone to assume that I (or anyone else sans kids whether by choice or by circumstance) doesn’t “know true love” makes them a pretentious a**hole. While I appreciate that for many, their kid MIGHT be everything to them, those who don’t have kids are not incapable of loving and it’s shameful to discredit the feelings behind that. It is hurtful to those that do not want children, and it’s hurtful to those who desperately want children but haven’t been able to yet/aren’t able. Now, the logical part of me understands that in general, people don’t have nasty intentions…they just don’t think things through or understand the impact their words might have on other people’s current life struggles.
My challenge to you this week (and also to myself)–Try to think about your words/actions and the impact that they have on others. To end this on a positive note: Quick doctor update, we try the IUI again this week. Follicles look good so shamelessly accepting any good luck, jujus, prayers or positive energy you feel like channeling our way!
Foxy emailed this to me after I posted today and I thought it was perfect, so please excuse the addition!
mother's day


4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day, you conflicting little day you…

  1. OMG with that post on fb. Who the eff would write that?!?!? Eff them.
    Good luck and prayers coming at you!
    BTW, I’m sorry to PC. I completely understand the pain of “parent days.” Hugs to you both!

    • I legitimately think they just mean that their own hearts feel completely full after kids. I think they don’t understand what a jerk it makes you sound like when you say it wrong. FYI You’re one of the ones I think about for the same reasons on Father’s Day!

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