Five Thought Frenzy

#1 This weekend was busy, but everything that weekends are supposed to be! Charity Challenge (think grown adults playing tug-o-war, volleyball, obstacle course etc. for your charity of choice) was on Saturday and although I only spectated this year (PC’s company was participating again) it was fun to cheer the team on. Oh and whoa, it was at least 10 degrees cooler than it normally is at CC and that made the day 100% more tolerable. Flashback three years, I don’t compete anymore after I got in a fight with the ground at the obstacle course and the ground whooped my ass. I left a little before the event was over to visit with M&N from Tally. Two hilarious and sometimes inappropriate friends that I haven’t seen since the wedding. They were staying at a friends in Winter Park and I got to go hang out with them at the most beautiful lakefront property. M was paddle boarding though and to be honest I don’t think it looks that fun. What happens if I get halfway across the lake and I don’t feel like working that hard anymore? I welcome other input, but it seriously doesn’t look “fun” it looks like exercise. So if you like it as exercise I accept that, but seriously, if I want to go out in the lake I want to waterski or jetski for “fun”. Sunday, we celebrated a friend’s birthday with brunch/poolside hangout. I made Nelda’s famous queso and visited with some friends I don’t see often enough. I need to take on some new appetizer recipes because all three that I’ve become known for are totally stolen from other people!

#2 After last Monday’s unfortunate mess from the dog, PC solved the mystery of why the pup was ill… (I was half asleep when he told me late Sunday but…) the dog had helped himself to a whole box of cookies from the table, no wonder he was sick. After a few days and little reprieve, I started to worry that he was getting dehydrated, so I took him in. Of course it started to rain when it was time to leave the house for his appointment, and OF COURSE I would walk outside the front door with the dog and cell phone in hand only to realize my car and house keys were locked inside on the kitchen counter. Seriously it had been that sort of week. I found a window I’d left unlocked by mistake (fortunately? unfortunately?) and climbed through the mud in the pouring rain through the window. Whew. Crisis averted. So yeah, the dog is fine. He’s on some probiotics and antibiotics combined and hasn’t learned his lesson one bit. Last night as a midnight snack while we were asleep he dug through the trash can looking for dinner scraps.

#3 No major news on reproductive front. IUI attempt went fine, won’t have any sort of results for at least two weeks now. As of today (obviously) still feeling 100% normal. Balancing the teeter totter of trying to be optimistic, but also realistic so you don’t get THAT much more disappointed if it doesn’t work. Apparently if the IUI doesn’t work with oral meds, the next step would be injectables paired with the IUI. I also feel conflicted about this…or maybe just impatient. This whole process makes you question your sanity.

#4 I am working a short week this week and couldn’t be happier. We are headed out to the beach with some friends and their kids for the weekend, so ideally this week will fly by. We know that seriously means it will drag along snail like, but a girl can dream right?

#5 I may or may not have started a small fight with a woman at the gym (not physical mom, don’t worry) that felt the need to tell me that she doesn’t go to a certain gym class because the instructor (who happens to be gay, wildly hilarious, and one of my favorite classes) in her eyes “is disgusting and his life choices are disgusting.” Calm as could be—because I am sure there was visibly smoke coming from my ears—I informed her that I didn’t find his life choices disgusting at all. I hope she never comes back to Zumba, because I plan on giving her the evil stare down from here on out. Clearly those close to me know that I am probably the last “fruit fly” on Earth that would take a comment like this very well…


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