Two Days in a Row, say whaaaaa?

Perhaps I should clarify my ending statement from yesterday’s blog about wanting to punch complaining preggers in the face. I would never want to harm the peanut they’re growing, so that’s why I choose the face. Let me preface this by saying my logical brain KNOWS that people who a)have never struggled with infertility or b)known someone struggling or that has struggled with infertility have no idea what they say and do can be so annoying. However my logical brain is sometimes overrun by my emotional reactions. I get that. Complaining constantly via social media to me is a no-no for a few reasons. We all have our moments we’ve sounded like a whiny nag, but you know the ones…that can’t stop whining. ALL.THE.TIME. Here are some thoughts.
#1 When you complain about being pregnant, those of us that struggle to get pregnant or to maintain a pregnancy think you’re taking the AMAZING feat your body is doing for granted. When someone pouts about their lack of maternity clothing options it makes me think they’re not just taking the process for granted but also pretty petty.
#2 Kids poop. Yep. So do I. Yet it seems some parents (mostly moms, why lie) are surprised or think it’s unique when they dookie or pukie. Instead, tell me funny stories, or show me cute pictures just because. Those I am mostly good with.
#3 I hesitate to use the word “consequence” because it sounds negative, but there are consequences when you have children (yes there are also rewards!). You will never have as much money. You will never have as much “free time”. You won’t sleep the same as you did pre-kids. Committing to being a parent means signing up for these things. If you are a GOOD parent, you give up a huge part of you to selflessly give more to your small humans than you do to yourself. Facebook moms that whine about money, free time and sleep make me question their decision to reproduce.
End rant.
So yesterday was another ovary check. I laugh at how little these exams phase me anymore. I showed up at 7:15 in the morning thinking my appointment was at 7:30. Turns out it was 7:45 but the good news was that I finished my appointment, stopped for coffee and was at work by 8:10. I still beat most people to the office. Ovaries look good (no cysts WEEE!), but we will end up with one more standard IUI cycle with oral meds. Optimistically that’s all we will need—but sometime during this cycle I will have to discuss with Dr. R the options if this one were to fail. Unfortunately he is out of town this week, so the nurse who did the exam yesterday can’t change the treatment plan (even though the doctor and I had discussed it) without written instructions from the doctor. If we waited for his approval, we’d have missed the window to start the meds for this cycle and in essence lose a month of treatment. For me it was an easy decision. Even though the IUI’s + oral med +HCG injection haven’t proven to work for us yet, I’d rather take every increase in odds for a given month possible. Started day three pills last night after I got home from the gym—fingers crossed this is the one!
It’s finally Friday! Our exciting plans for the weekend include sleeping, relaxing, cleaning and hopefully joining in dinner to celebrate Snarky’s husband making his 39th lap around the sun. The tree has (finally) been removed from our yard—some friends helped us remove it from the roof/house but our failure of a neighbor (it was HIS tree that fell on our house) never came and removed the branches/tree trash like he said he would. I finally just paid our yard guy to take it out, so now that the backyard is clear it is time to fill the kiddie pool back up for some Saturday sun and backyard reading. I finished Divergent. I liked it. Not a prize-winning literary masterpiece, but entertaining, and good enough that I will read the next book in the series (Insurgent). It had its own story line, but similar enough theme (adolescent fighting against future of humanity with a mildy cheesy underlying love story) to be Hunger Games-ish in its appeal. Happy weekend ya’ll.


6 thoughts on “Two Days in a Row, say whaaaaa?

  1. Hooray for another cyst free cycle! My fingers have been crossed, as always, and will continue to stay that way for you guys.

    As for punching ungrateful pregger-people, can I join in? What we wouldn’t give for their “problems.” Sigh.

  2. I had a dream last night…you and your baby were in it! Long dream, pretty funny, ended with us eating Reece Cups, and getting ready to write a comment card!

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