Once, Twice, Three Times A Lady

Back in the rotation of living life by cycle days. Day 11. Ovary check. Check mate? That was Friday and didn’t go exactly as planned (does it ever?). The follicles looked small (if even existent) and the nurse felt relatively certain they’d cancel any attempt at an IUI this month. They drew blood and my estrogen was on the rise, meaning that my body was/is at least contemplating ovulation. I felt annoyed. I felt frustrated. The guest nurse (one of the nurses from the other RE’s at the office) also called my right ovary my “polycystic ovary” which made me flinch, since there has never been an actual confirmed diagnosis delivered to me. Months back there was speculation that maybe I was having issues with PCOS, and then just as quickly I never heard another thing about it. It’s hard not to hate/resent your body when at every turn it feels like it isn’t cooperating. My regular nurse called me back Friday afternoon, they wanted me to come back in Monday (today) for a re-check. This is not a new process. It happened once before when I had my first “failed cycle” of fertility drugs. The results today didn’t yield many answers but there did appear to be some follicles growing which is good, but I have to go back again in two days to repeat the blood work and exam. I am not sad or upset, I honestly don’t really know how to feel about it. Last Friday I was disappointed and had already wrapped my head around this month being a no-go, so any chances at this point feel like positive news.
In the meantime, PC is finally getting over his bronchitis thankfully. Pretty woman sex (no kissing) sounds more glamorous in the movies than in real life. A Husband sick= they think they’re dying. It’s a good reminder why they’re not the ones that will deal with cramps or childbirth right?
I will update after Wednesday in hopes that these follicles continue to go and that they give us the go ahead on the trigger shot. Otherwise I will have endured three times a lady doctor visit in vain, and surely we can’t have that.


2 thoughts on “Once, Twice, Three Times A Lady

  1. Don’t give up 🙂 I was told the same thing this current cycle. My fertility nurse said that I was having a bad cycle and that we need to start thinking about ivf but within two days I got two mature follicles and just did my 3rd IUI. PCOS is so unpredictable and can be so frustrating!! You never know what’s going to happen. All the best for positive news!

    • Thank you for the kind encouragement! Will update again this week, word today after check up was that we’ve “missed” supposed ovulation since last check up. All so confusing but keeping a light heart for next round! Fingers crossed for you!

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