Haters Gonna Hate


Facebook ads can suck my butt. There are a lot of really frustrating aspects about a struggle with infertility, but my current bitch rant is about the advertisements that Facebook decides I need to see.
Lame little gems about “following these steps, you too can get pregnant naturally” are not only obnoxious, but they are insensitive. They discredit and dismiss the realness of a really raw burden that many of us carry. I don’t need pity, I don’t need friends that tiptoe around the subject (for god’s sake, I am airing my personal shizzz on a blog so bring it on!) but I also don’t need trolling, sleazy marketing sending me what they think my target advertisements are. Today it was one about being paid to be a surrogate. Surely I can’t seem to carry a child for myself as of now, but I seem like a really good candidate to carry one for another family? SURE why not? A friend that recently suffered the sadness of a miscarriage still gets ads about baby clothes and “preparing for a baby” that horribly, she won’t have! I’m mad enough I feel like I want to write to someone about it, but honestly would Facebook marketing people care about one lady’s bitterness? Probably not, but I still might write some hate mail about it. Below are the ones I collected this week.

photo 1photo 3photo 2
Speaking of hate mail, I felt compelled to write a letter to my gym the other night about a “situation” that happened at the end of my workout. I’ve changed the names below, but you will get the gist. The gym GM apologized and said they’re taking it up with their Aerobics Director and the instructor with the bad attitude directly.
“Good afternoon. I assume it’s been brought to your attention by now as there were a large number of ladies ready to complain–but I wanted to put something more formal together for your references.
Last night (Thursday June 5, 2014) there was a substitute for the 5:30pm Zumba class named Y*** While she was a few minutes late starting class, the class was excellent. Because that is not her regular class, perhaps she did not realize there was a back to back class being taught by H starting at 6:30. At 6:25 (the clocks in the room are actually fast and said 6:30 but according to my cell phone and fuelband it was 6:25) H, your 6:30 instructor barged into the aerobics room. Y*** started to ask her what time the next class was (so that we could quickly cool down) to which H loudly interrupted and inappropriately yelled across the fitness room “You need to go” followed by “we have a class at 6:30pm and equipment to set up, so you’re already late”. Her class members then poured in before those of us in the Zumba class could even get out the door.
#1)The regular Thursday night instructor has worked hard to build the attendance up in that Thursday night class, however out of the 15 people in class last night, I’d venture to say 10-12 of them were first timers to Thursday—a nice first impression they received.
#2 The sub taught a fantastic class. How dare another instructor undermine that and embarrass a co-worker publically?
#3 What is supposed to be a positive experience at the gym (and was with a great class up to that point) was soiled in the last 60 seconds because of someone’s intolerable attitude.
#4 It then dawned on me that our regular instructor ends her class 5 minutes sooner than she really needs to, and now I understand why. I assume she’s had similar attitude flung at her.
#5 Several members stated that they’ve taken H’s class, and that on multiple occasions, she’s complained about the previous instructor for the first ten minutes of class– a practice I find hard to believe that you’d accept.
#6 If the scheduling IS that much of an issue for her, perhaps she should voice her complaints to you instead of to gym members about scheduling more transition time between classes that require set up.

I do hope this gets promptly addressed and that there are no negative effects on attendance for the Thursday night class.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or feedback, Judgemental Poodle.
Ok so I didn’t really sign it from J. Poodle, I used my real name and contact information, but it felt good to get it out there. I am over accepting crappy service or attitude from people. Let me know your thoughts on the Facebook ads or what they assume YOU need to buy/do—I can’t decide if I am just being a big sensitive baby (totally possible). XOXO JP


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