When I Grow up I want to be an Arborist.

When we started this process I never realized just now how clinical it would become. It’s not terrible, just not how in my “master plan” I imagined it all. I’ve wanted to have a kid (or kids if we could be that lucky) for as long as I can remember. I still believe that will happen, I just think it will be a little different way to get there. We’ve chose to use this month as a time to digest our options and more importantly our feelings. The most conservative approach would be to stick with the IUI’s, but they would switch to injectable medications. Meds would run $750+/month plus any appointments/tests etc. Our insurance (I am thankful for them daily) pays most of the IUI costs. However someday that will run out. Right now, we are looking at IVF options for later in the summer. Higher initial cost, higher success rate…weighing it all out. We have friends that have gone through it and walked us through some of the scary questions. The doctor also recommended a surgical (outpatient) procedure if I had the time to take a week off from work (I don’t) where the doctor scopes out your goods from the inside. Fibroids, endometriosis, lesions etc. are all visible from that, but I am shying away from that procedure unless we had reason to suspect any of those things. The idea of just exploratory wandering doesn’t sit that well for me (yet).
Despite not thinking we would ever need IVF, we began tucking a little bit of “oh shit” money away about a year ago into a savings account which should help with the overall costs if stuff would stop breaking/falling/flooding in or around our home. It’s the fund we turn to when something at the house breaks, tires go flat without warning, etc but I would love to use it as baby money instead! It’s usually ALWAYS something on the house that really sucks that money out with some speed. This weekend it was another tree. I’ve never wanted to strangle a neighbor so much in my life. Our neighbors are actually renters, so it’s their landlord is the one I’d like to—have a chat with– but the renters are very tightlipped about the contact information or their landlord and that in itself is sketchy as hell. Not even kidding, the two times I’ve had to knock on their door (both for fallen trees) the middle aged lady has opened the door in her underpants. No really, put some pants on, I don’t mind waiting. Oh and as if that’s not a pretty enough picture, PC laughs that I call the place the snake pit, but you have to dip/dodge through a million potted trees and plants to get to their eerily closed in front patio and I know for a fact that one day I will get eaten by an anaconda in there. I finally got in touch with the property manager about doing some trim work, but no surprise, they’re not interested in sharing any costs that aren’t physically on their property and Florida law allows them to do so. Unless they blatantly ignore a rotting, dead tree, anything that falls during a storm or as an act of God is the responsibility of whoever’s property it lands on. Bummer. It should be a really fun hurricane season when their trees fall on their roof if they stick with that decision, because mine are now mostly cleared. If PC wasn’t prone to accidents, I would consider becoming certified Arborists, because HOLY SHIT tree removal is expensive. I’ll admit, with a heat index of 104 after 6pm on Saturday (while the arborists were still working) I agreed with every penny I was paying but still… I hated to spend it. I would rather buy a baby. Or more realistically, a vacation, but I have to remind myself to be grateful that for once in my adult life I didn’t have to “worry” about where it would come from. The check wouldn’t bounce and that alone was some comfort.
Ahhhh so. Where does that leave us? Two random parting thoughts.
• Probably no major updates on the reproductive front for a few weeks until our next cycle. BUT do expect updates after next week’s getaway. (Foxy I stole your picture)941411_462779803816515_1103416849_n
• Everybody says this to themselves, but I have the world’s cutest dog. He celebrated 5 years with us this weekend. I bought him pig ears as a treat and then got grossed out opening the bag.



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