31 Days in July

So yeah half the year is gone, not sure how that has come and gone so fast. In honor of July, here in no particular order are 31 things you might not have known about me.
1. I have a (not so) secret with garbage television like Dance Moms and Big Gypsy Weddings.
2. If I could have any job, I’d probably be a coffee buyer (–be a purchaser for a big company that gets to travel to cool places globally tasting
3. I sneeze at least 4 times in a row 99% of the time. The 1% is when I worry because it usually means I am getting sick.
4. I’ve visited 26 states and 17 countries outside of the US unless I’ve miscounted.
5. If I could be on one game-show/tv show it would be The Amazing Race.
6. The first song I learned on the Violin was Imagine by John Lennon. Who knew the words today, 43 years after it was written and 24 years after I
learned it, would still be such an appropriate song for the world’s current state.
7. My least favorite trait in a human is a liar—just above a thief. A wise person once told me that at least you can get your stuff back from a thief. A
liar is a liar, and they steal your right to the truth.
8. I’m sometimes embarrassed how little I know about cultures and countries outside of the US.
9. I prefer baths over showers given the choice.
10. I don’t have a thyroid, but I do have an appendix.
11. I don’t run. Like zero point zero run. I want to like it…I want to be one of those people that jogs because they love it. Nay. So far it’s not in the
cards. Even runner friends haven’t inspired me.
12. I remember faces fine, names not so much. Sometimes I call people the wrong name because I’ve 100% renamed them in my head.
13. I worked in retail through high school and college and if I have a choice in it, I will never do so again. Mostly people are good and kind, but
shoppers during back-to-school and Christmas are monsters that should be locked up.
14. I can order a Starbucks drink in the correct order/fashion, even if it’s fancy.
15. I was born in WV, I have straight teeth, and they’re all real.
16. I once snorted a pixie stick under peer pressure on a school bus. The ensuing nosebleed made me realize I never wanted to snort any other powders.
17. I wish I spoke another language fluently. Asking for beer and a restroom in Spanish are almost as far as I will get.
18. I’ve snow-skied but despite living in Florida have never water-skied.
19. Despite being crap with names sometimes, I still remember clearly the name of the kid that bit me in kindergarten, and also the name of the
student in first grade that called our teacher “Penis Breath”.
20. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Marketing and contemplate going back for my masters at least 4 times per year.
21. I have a consistency issue with mushy foods that has existed all of my life. I instantly gag on apple sauce, jello, and cottage cheese.
22. I do not like gummies. If I have to make an exception, it’s red ones.
23. I do not have any tattoos but I have a pierced nose that I didn’t get until I was almost 30.
24. I’m a total hypocrite when it comes to farting. It’s funny when I do it. Others, not so much.
25. Once in college, I was simultaneously seeing three different guys at once. It was too confusing. Player life is not for me.
26. I’m eerily good at puzzles like tangrams and slide puzzles.
27. My family dresses up in costumes for Thanksgiving. I have been Napoleon Dynamite, A Harlem Globetrotter, a gangster, a nurse, Lucile Ball (my proudest) and many
many more.10398820_30695030560_39_n
28. I think watching people fall, and watching people get scared is hilarious.
29. On my 18th birthday I won free tickets in a “dance off” to see Everclear. You should have seen how bad the other dancers were if I was deemed the
winner. It’s the last time I will EVER participate in a dance off (if you exclude battle dancing during hurricane parties).
30. I’m obsessed with sappy music that involves a man and an acoustical guitar.
31. I’m getting less competitive with age.


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