Just Another Day in Paradise


Putting Stiltsville into  words is hardly possible. Roughly three miles off the coast of Miami in Biscayne Bay there are 7 houses built on stilts/cement posts. No land. Only accessible by boat, and a pretty incredible piece of paradise.  For a detailed history, visit http://www.stiltsville.org. Our friend H went this year and fortunately is a really great photographer and graciously shared his images with us so that the rest of us could be lazy picture takers. I snapped a few not so stellar ones with my iPhone but I don’t even dare post them next to his images!


One of the houses is owned by a boat club (in essence a fraternity of middle aged (and some older) men that love boats. The club is limited to 77 people or less, no exceptions. Fortunately one of our friends is married to a member and they graciously let us come out to “ocean camp”. It’s only my second year going, but I hope to keep it as an annual event!


For the most part it’s just a chance to kick back and enjoy the company (and the sun!). We boat, we tube, we float, we drink, we grill, we play silly board/card games. PC had a great time hanging out with everyone during the day but nighttime was harder for him. Turns out he isn’t quite as fond of sleeping on an air mattress, summertime weather (aka no a/c) and noise when you’re trying to sleep but he was a good sport about it.


What was more awesome than the actual house, was the group of people that went. It was the right mix. No major drama, no (MAJOR) injuries. Some of the friends are “old friends” that you KNOW you’re 100% comfortable around. However even the “new friends”,  ones that I don’t see as often, or have quite the history with–keep getting more and more likeable every time we hang out. It all reminds me that even with a frustrating battle with infertility, I am VERY lucky to be where I am at. When I moved here almost 10 years ago, I was starting fresh. I’ve been welcomed into a group of people and a relationship that I am very proud to be associated with.






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