The Waiting Game

I am overdue on updating, but truth be told it’s because I am having a difficult time writing about this holding pattern we are currently in. Here’s what you’ve missed. We decided to move forward with the IVF route, not a decision that we take lightly, or one that we ever thought we’d be entertaining when we started this journey a few years ago. Truth be told though “move forward” is a little bit misleading though because it turns out time stands still when you finally want to give something a go. I had to re-do the HSG last Friday, not very fun and pretty crampy, but they want to make sure everything is still in the same shape it was 2 years ago. There is some required blood work for PC and I (no big deal) that has to be completed. What is sort of a big deal is a “seminar” our reproductive center makes you partake in before moving forward. It’s free, not a way to get more funding, and I totally get that with so much information, it WILL likely answer a LOT of questions for us. However, it’s only offered once a month and twice in a row happens to be on days I won’t be in town…Part of me wonders if they will ask for my ID, or if I could pay Snarky $40 and she could go for me and just take some notes… So we wait. Another month. And I drag my feet on posting a blog, because waiting is well…boring.

Less boring than waiting and reproductive news–I was in Albany, NY last week for a work trip. Three commercial flights have either crashed or been shot down in the week I was leaving, so I am glad I am not a nervous flier. The turbulence however on the way up was enough to make a few people white-knuckle the seats, and I grabbed the barf bag contemplating my options. Even the flight attendants weren’t allowed out of their seats. But we made it. Much like Tallahassee, Albany as a capital city has a big government presence but still feels like a small town. The mountains were gorgeous, and I thought for a minute about how I might like to live somewhere with a view like that. I was quickly reminded that the average low in January is in the teens there and that it has in fact gotten as cold as -28 degrees there. That my friends is stupid cold. Saratoga Springs is also not very far from Albany and what a neat little place! It’s a combination of history with contributions from Native Americans, Shakers, and The Revolutionary War. Saratoga Springs is also the home of The Saratoga Race Course (the second oldest racetrack in the country and most well known for The Travers Stakes).I learned more about horse racing in 72 hours than I ever needed to know. The flight back was less eventful, although we did detour a bit to avoid craptastic weather again in the Southeast. Did you know that lightening in a plane, while slightly intimidating (I mean you are after all in a metal box in the sky) is AMAZING? It was far enough away that I didn’t have the urge to wet myself, but close enough that you could see both above and below the clouds. That’s all you’ve missed the past few weeks it seems! NC next month and I will try to be better about more frequent updates. In the meantime, I’ll hurry up and wait!


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