Twelve and a Half Cents Please.

I’ve continued to be the mighty blog slacker these past few weeks. Let’s play a little catch up.
Last weekend I went to NC, SC and GA for a combination work/family trip. The memorial service for my grandma (that passed away in June) was last Saturday in Atlanta, so PC and I flew to Greenville, SC and rented a car there. We drove late Friday to Franklin, NC (the parents) and had a short night there before heading to Atlanta. While the gathering was obviously for sad reasons, the get together itself was really a nice excuse to visit with aunts and cousins that we don’t see enough. I lost at croquet despite my best efforts at sending everyone else off the course. Rather than a formal dinner, we ordered pizzas for 28 of us (Irish Catholic family yeah?) and relaxed at the pool. I tried to suck up as many snuggles from my adorable nephew as possible. He’s 15 months now and at a really fun age.  He understands so much even and he’s lovey and snuggly and loves to give kisses and waves right now. I am smitten.
We spent the night in Atlanta and then headed back up to Frankin on Sunday. I went to a Zumba class with my mom and then Sunday night we faced the hilarious and daunting task of going through old school papers. I assume most moms do this, but my mother has been collecting school papers, journals and art projects since we were kids. Guilt over throwing it away has led her to store it all in a huge Rubbermaid box. I don’t have any sentimental attachment to 99% of it, so I sorted through it to give her the all clear on tossing most of it guilt free.

I’ve removed the names to protect the…errrrrrr….innocent? Obviously this note must have been written about Girlscout cookies. Why you ask? Because no other cookie on earth warrants this type of interaction.

Also obvious after this sorting project….Art was never my forte.  Will you be my Valentine? NOT. I mean who wouldn’t want to be my Valentine after receiving such awesome art and a lady covered in warts…. Amazing, my joke delivery hasn’t improved that much since then either.


This one might be my favorite. As most of you know, PC is in love with all things Marvel, Superheroes, classic Comics, etc. I do not share the same appreciation for those things, and clearly I never have…

“Last night I watched (misspelled) Batman. I did not like it.” The teacher then asks “why?”. I respond with a cool “because I thought it was dumb”. I asked PC through tears of laughter which Batman this would have been in 1990. His response was “only the best one”. Apparently this would have been the Michael Keaton Batman. Ooops!

We put PC on a plane home Monday night and then I stayed in SC for the next few days for work. I finally got home late Thursday night, and it never ceases to amaze me how good your own bed/house can feel after a few days away!
I spent this past weekend partly relaxing and partly doing chores. Chores included picking up 1 million (It’s a rough estimate) pieces of broken glass from the patio. Did you know that’s how many pieces come out of a broken sliding door? Confirmed. Anyhow, rewind to the Friday we were leaving. I left the yardman at our house when I went to take the dog to a friend’s house that was watching him for a few days. Came home, lawn guy was gone, but saw this awesome surprise. A rock or something out of the mower must have hit the glass. It seems stupid now (in hindsight doesn’t everything?) but I immediately opened the door. That was pretty much the worst thing you could because every tiny piece of glass that was spider webbed and simply being held in place by magic—fell. EVERYWHERE. This now meant you couldn’t further open OR close the door because one bazillion glass pieces were in the track, around the door, between the door, on the ground, in the house, etc. They seem to multiply every time you got a bucket of them cleaned up. I managed two before I gave up and had to finish packing for the airport. Fortunately for us, the glass door is double paned and one was still standing, so I didn’t have to garbage bag/plywood up my door while we were gone! So Saturday I finished that fun job. Our vacuum was a cheap buy anyhow, and I risked ruining it vacuuming up some of the pieces with the hose (it’s a bagless) . It worked and now the dog can go outside in the backyard again!

In reproductive (not) news, we are now here and halfway through August. I have signed up for the September IVF seminar through my doctor (mostly informational) and then we will plan our next steps from there in the upcoming months. I surprisingly am not feeling a lot of stress about it, and maybe years of telling myself “the best is yet to come” and “it will happen when it happens” is finally soaking in?


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