I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

My friends must know secretly that I’m feeling a little anxious about the IVF seminar this week. I think PC and I are fighting off a virus of some sort, and feeling a little tired and anxious on top of it all can be draining. I fought my way through work today, and came home to two separate packages from some very special ladies in my life. One, a hilarious card that instantly boosted my spirits with a Starbucks gift card included. Even the darkest mood can be warmed with a good cup of Joe. The second package arrived with a bookmark (my friends know my nerdy side… I have real book and e-book reading that I definitely need to catch up on!), a cutie towel, a toy for Bandito, and a beautiful card. It’s not about the actual present, it’s about the fact that unintentionally, their timing was impeccable.
In other news, another birthday looms on the horizon, and while not a milestone birthday, I bought myself a present this year. After more than five years away from a gym that had a pool, I’ve added a second gym membership to my life in hopes that swimming again will bring some of the relief I’ve been longing for. Thankfully, I’ve been able to secure two gym buddies that meet me to work out three days a week at gym#1 (and why I don’t want to cancel that one). However I am still continually struggling with plantar fasciitis and my after gym life includes ice baths for my feet. I am optimistic that the low impact swimming will be the solution to my crying arches! My outlook is that if I could lose 30 pounds, my feet would likely hurt less, however to lose 30 pounds, I need to be able to go to the gym without coming home in tears on the regular. At first I wondered if I was throwing away money with two memberships, we are after all trying to save up for IVF, and not rolling around in Benjamins. I reminded myself though, that you cannot put value on your health, and certainly if I need to cut out money from our budget, I can find other places to sacrifice that are less important! I went for my first swim yesterday, and holy moly I forgot how good (and how hard!) that can feel!
So signing off with a thank you to my friends and family near and far that have provided continuous support on this journey of ours. I might not say it often enough but I love and appreciate you! Poods.


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