End of an Era

Making new friends can be difficult, and I consider myself very fortunate that I was able to meet some killer girlfriends when I moved here. Before I had the awesome friends here though, I had a “six pack” of ladies that made my experience in college unforgettable. Luckily social media didn’t really exist at the time, and the only digital camera in the pack was Bobolini’s camera which weighed ten pounds and took as many years do download one single image. The first married off in 2006 and we really felt like it was the end of an era. This past weekend in Annapolis, the last of the six said “I do” and now we really realize what ending an era means. Six weddings in eight years has given us all a reason to get together and mandated that we make times in our busy lives to support our girls. While the cocktails were flowing, we were a notably more reserved group than we have been in decades past. We watched our college football game from the hotel after the wedding and ordered pizza and realized just how much our lives had changed (for the better)!

Random thought. The friend that got married…let’s call her Cheese as our TX boys did in college…surprised me by telling me I was overdue for a blog post. In the midst of her working a full time job, planning a wedding, selling then buying a house AND moving, she has found time to regularly check for blog updates. I write this blog because it keeps me from being crazy. I write this blog so that I have an outlet like a journal. I also write this blog so that my friends and family don’t have to hear about my reproductive madness EVERY.SINGLE.TIME we talk. I forgot though that real people actually read about my random thoughts and what a cool reminder that was. WordPress will give you statistics (how many countries or how many of your posts were seen) but doesn’t give you any detail about WHO the readers are.

Now we’ve begun the birthday week. I don’t have anything significant planned, and I am actually excited about that! Snarky and I try to visit a waterpark annually to celebrate, so we might try to work that in at some point still. PC and Snarky’s husband both despise waterparks <gasp> so we leave them at home. Positive, I’ve received 10,000 email coupons offering me all sorts of free goodies to celebrate it. Positive, I don’t feel stressed about being another year older at all. Negative, I used body wash with perfume and now have fire crotch. Negative, I just shipped PC off to Canada for a week for work. Positive, he doesn’t have to endure fire crotch. I’ve given it a few days thinking I could homeopathically cure it myself, but that’s a big NO. I finally caved and called the doc to see if they could call me something in. They won’t without seeing me and then suggested that they could get me in next week on Tuesday. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Perhaps she finally felt concerned that I was about to hex her with the fury of 100 yeast infections, and finally squeezed me in this afternoon.


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