Twenty Nine and Holding

Except I am not. I am 32 today and I feel great. I’ve survived another lap around this great planet. Looking forward to lunch with Snarky today and dinner with PC and enjoying an overall laid back birthday. Snarky and I have also discussed trying to fit in our once a year birthday waterpark trip before it gets “Florida cold”. Sorry Northern friends, I know me even writing this makes you cringe! I just learned while I was in Annapolis a few weeks back that pools up there are only open Memorial Day to Labor Day and I was in shock! This birthday, needs and wants have gotten more simple. I’d like the inside door handles in my car fixed. For two years or so, the inside of the passenger side didn’t work and any riders I had in the car had to open the door from the outside. Selfishly that didn’t bother me very much. Now that the driver side handle is doing the same thing and I have to roll my window down to open my door Dukes of Hazard style–I care.

But what I would REALLY like for my birthday is for the universe to look out for some people this month. Please let GirtyJ cook her twin babies for at least another week so that they can be delivered safe and sound. Please let Foxy, BB, KVM and so many others silently struggling to have success in their next cycles. While I am still somewhat undecided as far as our time frame when we want to start the IVF madness, I want success for them as bad as I want it for myself! It’s not that all women don’t “deserve” kids that want them, but some have waited SO LONG that they’re at the top of my good jujus list.

PC is back from Canada and he didn’t object to my paint color choices that I doused the house with while he was gone. We have these strange blue colored couches (a much longer story for those of you that don’t know about our couch debacle of 2011/2012) and I struggled with just how to make our living area feel cozier. It seemed like a genius idea at the time to “paint the living room” but I forgot just how much work that would entail. You see the living room isn’t just the living room. The living room attaches to the dining room which attaches to the kitchen which attaches to the hallways so all of a sudden one room became four. I am not a professional painter, there are more than “a few” spots on the ceilings, crooked cut in spots and areas needing re-rolling, but I was still happy with the turn out AND I think I achieved the cozier more lived in living area feel. It’s only 3 years overdue. Below are some before/after pictures to give you an idea. IMG_1210 IMG_1205 IMG_1206

IMG_1220 IMG_1212 IMG_1219

When we FIRST moved in, I was hungry for house projects. I got more than I bargained for with the water damage of 2011 but painting, shelves, all of that stuff was still fun. Then I got sick of it and I am finally back to thinking the ideas are tolerable. At least one more “porch room” and a bathroom to paint, and I STILL haven’t stained or installed the moldings for my wood floor, but I will get there. Soon.

So Happy October to you all. I hope you enjoy something lovely and pumpkin-y in honor of this month.


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