The Trifecta

Without constant visits to the RE, I have admittedly been a TERRIBLE blogger. This afternoon thankfully has smoothed out and given me time to update. This morning was the trifecta of suck. I stepped in (what I can only assume was) cat vomit first thing out of bed today. I followed it up by getting a filling at the dentist (at least that was scheduled) and then arrived to work to find out the mother board of my computer was fried. I mean like it wouldn’t even turn on fried and instead just made ticking sounds like a bomb. OOPS. Our IT guy/Marketing Manager extraordinaire (Coyote) was only in the middle of a huge project, so the timing could have been better in needing him to set my account up on another computer. Anything that happens (knock on wood) this afternoon should be smooth sailing right?
This past Thursday, my dear friend Mankee who lives in the UK, got married over in Anna Maria Island and PC and I made the trip over for a welcomed break away from O-town. The weather was INCREDIBLE–the type of weather that makes suffering through summer heat all worth it, and the wedding was fantastic. I forgot to tell Mankee we were headed over earlier in the morning than planned (so PC could hit a Tee time and be entertained while the gals got ready) so it was an awesome surprise to spend even more of her wedding day with her than planned. I had already showered and shaved that morning, so mostly I just chatted, played music and tried to keep her from freaking out on her special day. The ceremony was short and perfect and the dinner afterwards (at the biggest beach house you can imagine) was Pinterest worthy and looked like it could have been straight out of a Publix commercial about family holiday dinners.
I was sad to leave the beach, but excited to pick up our largest fur baby and get settled back in at home. Snarky and I had plans with our husbands to watch the FSU vs. Notre Dame game Saturday night, but both opted to watch it from the comfort of our couches and our pjs rather than go to a bar when all was said and done. WHAT.A.GAME. For those of you that aren’t FSU fans, I’m sorry I’m not sorry. Go Noles!
Speaking of reproductive news, I think I am finally ready to get back on the bandwagon. I digested all the requirements of IVF, and while I was/am excited about it all–and more importantly the implications of it, but was less enthused about the ACTUAL process. It’s weeks/months of injections, appointments and harvesting that has been hard to wrap my head around. However, I figure I can at least make the next appointment at the start of red death (which should be here all too soon) and get that out of the way. I’ve been hitting the gym, was hoping to reduce my BMI a little more to increase success rates too. Oddly enough, you’re better off being a little chubby with IVF than you are too skinny, but neither extreme is awesome obviously. I was nervous about starting the process with the upcoming holidays, but is there really ever a perfect time? Our tickets are now purchased for Thanksgiving, and my mom will be coming down for Christmas! The minute we are back from Thanksgiving the Christmas Tree goes up, and I have all sorts of craft ideas I want to try out before then. I made an “autumn” wreath a few weeks back in a lame attempt to pretend Florida actually gets an autumn (I will attach a picture below) and for being my first wreath, I was overall pretty pleased with how it came out. I made Snarky one, and hers turned out better in my eyes. Mostly, I learned on mine what didn’t go exactly right and corrected it for hers.  I’ve been hoarding craft store coupons…let the holiday nonsense begin. So Happy fall Y’all!



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