Help! I Need Thanksgiving Costume Ideas

No, I don’t mean Halloween. For those of you that haven’t met my family, we are crazy in the BEST ways. “Dress up for Thanksgiving” to most people probably means putting on your Sunday best. Dress up to this family means finding something creative and secretive costume to show up to Thanksgiving dinner in. It’s been roughly 20 years now I’d guess–
PC knows in advance what we are going to be each year…mostly stemming from his first year being inducted to our house for Thanksgiving. He thought we were playing a terrible prank on him and I had to tell him what “we” were being in order to convince him that he wouldn’t be the only one at the table dressed up. We’ve had fisherman, rodeo clowns, a gondolier, Napoleon Dynomite and Pedro, Ace Ventura, Lion Tamer, Voodoo Priestess– the list goes on and on. In order to maintain the privacy of the rest of the errrrr “innocent” fam, I’ve only included a few of my own costumes below or ones that hide faces. There are so many years worth of photos need dug up from before the age of digital film…
So this brings me to my request. I have one month. ONE MONTH.I need costume ideas for PC and I, so all ideas welcome. Ready–GO! The easier to pack the better as it will be making the flight with us to NC.


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6 thoughts on “Help! I Need Thanksgiving Costume Ideas

  1. Oh I love that y’all do this. I vote Weekend at Bernie’s. Just need a dummy to carry around & you two can be the two other dudes in Hawaiian shirts.

  2. Pugsley and Wednesday Addams, PC would just have to wear a black and white striped shirt and black pants/shorts. You are already rocking the dark hair so you just need to double braid them and wear a black dress. 🙂

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