The World is Good.

No, I am not pregnant. BUT, November does seem to be the perfect time to post about giving thanks. Cliché? Yes. But here it goes regardless. People are mostly good. I am convinced of that now more than ever. We hear on the news about war, murders, illness, and sometimes it becomes so disheartening you just have to turn it off. More recently I’ve been avoiding the news not even because of the negativity, but because of the election coverage. I am a proud voter, often to an annoying extent to my friends, but I am more than happy that we don’t have to see any more political ads until the next election wave starts. Here I am digressing from my original point. People are good. Recently, a girl I used to play softball with had an employee that lost her apartment and one of her pets in a fire started by a faulty electrical part of the water heater. People came out of the woodwork with kindness and donations. Furniture, clothing, money, food, anything that could help her employee (and her boyfriend) get back up onto their feet. I am not really sure why, but felt overwhelmed with emotion for someone I didn’t even know. I mean overwhelmed by it like a I cried multiple times over it and I am not even PMSing.

And then I realized why. PC and I are lucky. If/when we are struggling/have struggled, we have this amazing web of people and support that make their presence known. For example, when we had the great flooding house disaster(s) of 2011, my parents were more than supportive– but my pride kept me from wanting to accept more help from them than I HAD to. One person not in my family though stands out. We had a contractor, JC (no pun intended, he was not Jesus Christ, but those are in fact his initials) that was referred to us by our realtor (also a former softball friend).JC reminded us what kindness means. When the flooding began, PC and I had a house we now owned, but very little else considering all of our disposable cash had gone into our closing. Miraculously, JC’s close friend owned a water restoration company and could cut us a break if we were paying for it out of pocket. it would still be $1600 cash if it didn’t run through insurance, a number that seemed flat out daunting. We were hesitant to file a homeowner’s claim in our first month in a new home, knowing the Florida homeowners insurance looks for any reason to drop you, but also wondered what bodily organs we  might have to sell to come up with the cash so fast. With a $1000 insurance deductible we weighed our options. JC then seemed to sense our situation. He paid his friend the $1600 out of his own pocket. He let us pay him 50% at that moment, then another 25% two weeks later, and the balance 25% two weeks after that as we hit our paydays at work. Teary-eyed, I asked him why he was doing this for us as we paid the final payment to him. We were barely more than strangers when the ordeal started, but now I wanted to hug this man. Ya’ll know that’s a big thing because I am not a hugger! JC (who happens to have kids of his own, one of which is special needs) calmly told me that he “remembered what it was like to be young, newly married and struggling. And sometimes no matter how hard you claw, you can’t seem to dig your way to the top.” And then he said “good people help good people when they can.” Word. Thanks JC for a really important lesson. You help your friends when you can. You help strangers when you can. You help the universe when you can. It helps those in need, but selfishly it also helps you because you feel good inside. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear stories like this on the news instead sometime? So with that, Happy November, remember to be thankful for the blessings we are given! Gobble Gobble.


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