Sometimes the Path Goes Down Before It Leads Up

Years back, my mom and I took a road trip to Vegas to celebrate my 21st birthday. We spent two days in actual Vegas, doing the touristy things, small gambling and then decided to road trip it. We headed out to Hoover damn and Red Rocks, and then hit the road North to Utah to see Bryce Canyon, and Zion National Park before heading back South to see the lower rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Eventually we headed back to Vegas for 1-2 more days before flying home. We both realized that we aren’t good gamblers–I was even sober and convinced that slot machines were calling out my name. If that’s not a clear sign you shouldn’t in the casino, then I do not know what is. Turns out bowling, shopping and site-seeing are more up our alley. Anyhow, I digress…While we were at the Grand Canyon, we bought a book called Over the Edge: Death in the Grand Canyon.  This sounds super morbid, but stick with me here. It was a historical write-up of all the people that have perished at the Canyon, broken out in chapters by means of their death. Hypothermia, Drowning, Heat stroke, Accidents, Murder…you get it. Anyhow, the people that died because of heat stroke and hypothermia often fell victim to their instincts of trying to climb out. The author noted that sometimes the path “out” actually went deeper and deeper and contradicted their instincts that they should be climbing up in elevation. I don’t remember the exact wording–it’s been a long time since I was  21, but the gist was “Sometimes the path goes down before it leads up”. I’ve used this piece of advice for many facing tough times over the years and have to remind myself to heed my own advice every now and again. Sometimes you must go deeper into the canyon before the path will turn and lead out. I went back on the BCP yesterday and have done my best remember the words I’ve shared with others. Mentally, I am less defeated than when I had to go back on the pill to treat the dreaded ovarian cysts. I know this is a means to justify the end results, and I am pretty pleased that I feel good about that! Vampire nurse drew blood on Monday as we approach our final steps before the official beginning of IVF. PC goes for a blood draw tomorrow. He’s a little bit wussy with needles, so I hope he doesn’t have the same nurse that left me bruises Monday reminiscent of a junkie. They have to screen him again to make sure he hasn’t picked up HIV, hepatitis or any other unwanted blood based funk since his last blood-work when this process began. Once that comes back, we will schedule our final sit-down with the doctor and get our meds ordered. I did not want to begin any injections before travelling for Thanksgiving. If I spend multiple mortgage payments on medicine,  you better bet your sweet ass I am not risking them being taken at an airport or lost in transit.

So Thanksgiving. It’s almost here! I’ve borrowed some costumes, but haven’t made the final decision yet, so you will have to wait until after next Thursday to see what the final choice is! If you’re confused about wearing a costume about for Thanksgiving, then we are either new acquaintances or you’ve not read yet! We leave Monday for the NC mountains and couldn’t be happier. I am exited to see my family, but especially my nephew. My sister is great about sending photos and videos to keep me up to date as he grows up in turbo speed , but nothing replaces getting to see it for myself. Busy weekend ahead, Snarky and I are driving to Tallahassee for a one day trip up to see FSU vs. Boston College and then I will head back and pack before we take off Monday.

Stay tuned as the holidays approach. I am still trying to make myself be a more regular blogger!



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