For those of you anxiously awaiting the Thanksgiving custom reveal, I am afraid I did a terrible job taking pictures that could be published without revealing the identity of my semi-private family, so FullSizeRenderforgive that there is really only two! Making an appearance, we had ) Kung-Fu Kitty, me as a pirate, my mom as The Crazy CatWoman (pictured) and my sister, her partner and my nephew as The Lebowskis Slumber Party, and my dad in his standard jeans, t-shirt and pilgrim hat. We arrived to NC late Monday and the week seemed to fly by from there.


We created a new Thanksgiving tradition and went bowling Wednesday night under code names ( I was Ronda–not Rhonda for lack of a 6th space). I used to be a terrible bowler, but then PC enlightened me to “bowl at the arrows” on our first date. I didn’t even know that was a thing, but every since then have been decent in the 1-2 times a year I might bowl. Let me tell you, Ronda is a TERRIBLE bowler. I am talking gutter balls, dropped balls, a big fat hot mess. I let PK bowl with me a few times so that I could at least blame my poor turn on a toddler. I was lucky to break 50 pts. let alone anything higher both games. We only played two games, but in the 10th frame of the second game, I bowled, in honor of Thanksgiving, A TURKEY. I didn’t even care that I technically lost. Ronda had redemption and in my book, that’s a win. We visited a place called Goats on the Roof which is–wait for it–a place that has goats on the roof that you stop to feed and stare out. You buy goat food and can feed it to them by riding a bike that lifts the food up to the roof. It’s kind of an odd touristy thing in the middle of nowhere but a good time-suck for us to do one of the afternoons. I worked out with my mom a few times, took lots of naps, and in general just relaxed, EXACTLY what visits home should be about.

My mom will return the favor of a visit in just a few short weeks. I haven’t spent Christmas with my  blood family in a decade. Thanksgiving has always been OUR holiday of focus. We’ve always been adopted by our friends parents here locally and have spent Christmas Eve/Christmas Day with them. il_570xn-383499083_eodx1

Anyhow, my mom is coming down (my dad will hold down the fort and watch animals thatIMG_0456 week and plan a trip down sometime this Spring). The Christmas tree is up and decorated, and I’ve even made another season wreath. I am not one for doing outside decorations, but a tree inside is a must. Every year PC suggests a fake tree, I always veto the idea. Now if only it wasn’t 80 degrees outside it might feel a little more like Christmas in the air! I started the BCP right before we left and feel fine about it still. I need to call the RE on Monday to find out what I do next, because to be perfectly honest today I realized I really wasn’t sure. PC finished his bloodwork and I’ve done mine, so I think we have one final IVF consult before we get to the good stuff.





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