Blog? What Blog?

I’m continuing to neglect the blog. it seems to be a trend.

So, did you hear about the nosy pepper? It gets jalapeño business. Come on, you know you laughed. Now I will let you all up in MY business and try to fill you in on the latest.

Christmas is gone. What? Where did those few weeks of my life go? My mom came to town for a visit and it went great. This is no secret from my mom, but I was a little anxious when she said she was coming to town for 10 days. We haven’t shared a roof for that long since I was 18 and I wanted to make sure both of us had fun! Well good news, the visit seemed to fly by which is always a good sign, and she will be invited back for long visits again! We were super productive, organizing closets, rehanging fallen shelves and sorting junk. She even cleaned things like the dryer while I was at work. I am 99% sure my dryer hasn’t been that lint free in the entire time it’s lived in our laundry room. I was off from work a good bit of the time and we had a chance to shop and visit and in general just have some quality time together, which doesn’t happen often enough! Christmas eve we spent with Snarky, and her family/in-laws, a now yearly tradition and they all welcomed my mom in with open arms. PC, Mom and I went to Mass on Christmas day and had a Swedish friend of mine from work over to enjoy a holiday meal. I think I have mentioned it before, but it’s been years since I’ve spent Christmas with blood family and so many people have adopted us in as their own while we’ve been in Orlando. It was nice to finally return the favor to someone this year that didn’t have family of their own in town. For the record, I am awkwardly out of place in a Catholic church and I find myself playing a lot of Simon Says–standing and sitting when others do. Where is the magic script hidden where they tell you what to say and when?

It’s already New Year’s Eve–2014 disappeared fast. We are planning on just having a low-key quiet night in tonight. Man we are such party animals, I will be shocked if I make it IMG_0585awake until Midnight. I peed in a taxi cab once on NYE…oh how times have changed. On the baby front, it obviously 2014 didn’t go “as planned” but we are looking forward to our luck changing in 2015! I am still on the pill, just about to start pack three, which is crazy, because my body is angry. Having what the nurse calls “breakthrough bleeding” which is just another phrase for “never wear cute undies again because you’re going to sporadically ruin them”. The end is in sight! We have our final appointment before the madness begins January 15th to get all meds and plans laid out. I thought we’d have this squared away a few weeks sooner, but with the holiday madness, I honestly don’t even mind going in with a fresh mind and clear schedule. I’ve never been a huge resolution maker, but I WILL try to be better about more regularly updating the 2015 blog!

Have a safe and happy start to the New Year!

xoxo JP


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