Leather and Casinos!

I am running short on time today, so will just give some brief thoughts and updates.

  • Egg retrieval attempt #1 is tomorrow. Fingers crossed the 9 follicles growing have happy healthy eggs inside.
  • I’ve been put on a high protein diet because of some borderline high estrogen levels. If they get too high, you’re flirting with OHSS which is a big no-no. I also got put on a medication that came with the following warning. FullSizeRenderI was thinking about wearing leather and heading to Vegas today.
  • I almost stabbed a man in the waiting room at the office today for my pre-op vitals, paperwork and lab work. He was sitting with his significant other in the lobby snoring his face off. She seemed to think it was funny, me not so much. When it’s your own spouse in bed and you can urge them to rollover or throw a pillow at them it’s different than a stranger sitting there sawing logs. My suggestion to him would be to wait in the car if he can’t stay away for 10 more minutes. Reminder, I’ve never waited in years with this center for more than 10 minutes past my appointment time. When she pointed out that he was snoring his response was “I can’t help it I’m fu**ing tired.” Right then and there is when my face would have exploded. You should never argue with a woman on fertility drugs, it’s playing with fire.
  • I’ve resorted to shaving my arms, mostly to simplify having to rip off any more hair than needed with Band-Aids from blood draws.
  • Most likely by the time you get to this stage, you have 0 ounces of pride left. But just in case I was holding on to one last bit, it went out the window today, when after getting out of the shower, I stared at a 2 inch black hair on my boob. I reached for the tweezers without even flinching. Turns out, It wasn’t attached. It wasn’t even mine, it was a cat hair. The fact that I subconsciously had accepted a nipple hair growing 2 inches overnight says it all.
  • I miss caffeine. Decaf just isn’t as good. It’s tolerable when mixed with regular coffee half-and-half. I’ve been weaning down so that I don’t have to turn it off cold turkey when we get pregnant, but it is hard. I have noticed that I am in general sleeping better. Silver lining.
  • I’m giving myself a pat on the back for keeping calm and centered even when people do gross things. How do you feel about a coworker borrowing your earbuds while you’re out of the office? I’m talking about the ones that go IN your ears. The next day, once I had them back in my ears, she decided to mention she had borrowed them. I feel like I should’ve offered to see if she wanted to borrow my underpants. I managed to control my words (not so sure about look on face). Small victories.
  • The bruises! Managing shots and pills but apparently (because it’s hard to see over boobs) I haven’t looked closely at my belly lately. It’s sad and bruised but luckily not as sore as it looks. It looks as if it gets poked 3-5 times a day. Oh wait…
  • I forgot how much Novarel hurts. Not just the actual shot, but the lingering goose-egg of a raw spot it leaves on your belly. In hindsight I should have done it slightly higher or lower so that it doesn’t continuously rub on the waist of my pants. I’ve been given permission to stop the Lupron, Gonal, Menopur and Doxycycline. Still to continue with Caberogine, baby asprin and my regular Synthroid. Over the next week, we introduce Progesterone oil, Estrace, Keflex, Valium and Vicodin and I can’t remember what else. Thank god for Rx schedules and notes.
  • PC has been extraordinary. Sometimes in this process I forget that we are BOTH going through it, not just me. He is calm and reassuring, and I am grateful that he is my partner in this process and in life. I’ve only thought differently so far once since we started the meds.

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