Infertility Awareness Week. Who Knew?


i-support-photo I wish with all my heart I didn’t know that “National Infertility Week” even existed. I wish the cause did not even exist obviously and that no one was struggling, but the reality is, many of us out there do need that awareness pointed out!  I posted a link in my Facebook this week to and their page about why this week exists, and was almost saddened with all the “likes” on my page. Yes, some of those friends click like as just another means of continued support they’ve shown to PC and I. Sadly though, some of those likes are from friends of our own that continue to struggle on their own journey. Some are fortunate enough to have achieved a success story and others continue in their fight. Most often, we suffer in silence, allowing just a few of our closest allies in to see/know what the daily “feels” are like. After reading more on the resolve site, I realized 1 in 8 couples face challenges of some sort while trying to get pregnant. One in Eight. Let those numbers sink in. It means in a small office, at least one other person shares your secret. On a sports team, there is another like you. In the grocery store, how many women (or men) are we passing who have hearts that have cried the same tears that we have? Their tagline says it all. You Are Not Alone. Does knowing we aren’t alone help? Maybe. Maybe not. They say misery loves company. I don’t actually believe we want more people in this crappy club. I also refuse to group us all into misery. I do think it’s reassuring to know that we are not freaks. We are out uncommon. But we are fighters. One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned with this recent IVF adventure of ours (more to come by the way on that soon, just putting all my thoughts together still) is that people who have gone through infertility treatments are a strong group of people. They’ve been burdened with more in a young life than any young person should, but somehow keep putting one fighting foot in front of the other. I also have a whole new respect for the ladies (and their tolerant partners)that have endured IVF treatments. After our first cycle, I feel like I could ALMOST conquer anything this life has to show me. I might not have ever run 26.2 miles (let’s be real, I’ve never run further than a 10k-ONCE) but I have a runner’s high about how far we’ve come and what PC and I are capable of.  I’ve learned about the strength of my own will, and I constantly fall more in love with what a supportive partner PC has proven himself to be.  If I ever needed an army to have my back, I’d recruit straight from the IVF’ers.

I encourage you when you have the time to visit to educate yourself further and read some of the articles that they offer. For your sake, I hope you AREN’T one of those people included in the statistics, but still worth the read. It might help you say or do the right thing as you support a loved one!

That’s all the mush factor I have for today, but just a reminder to you ladies (and your gents) fighting this fight. Keep on Keeping on. You are DEFINATELY not Alone.


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