Missing Notes from Feb. 20th

I found a little snippet of notes today in my phone that gave me a chuckle. Here’s to hoping you can find some of the same amusement in these random thoughts. This would have been 4 days prior to egg retrieval and right in the “glory” of the monitoring/shots.

  • I’ve resorted to shaving my arms, simply to simplify having to rip off any more Band-Aids from blood draws.
  • Most likely by the time you get to this stage, you have 0 ounces of pride left. But just in case I was holding on to one last bit, it went out the window today, when after getting out of the shower, I stared at a 2 inch black hair on my boob. I reached for the tweezers without even flinching. Turns out,it wasn’t attached. It wasn’t even mine, it was a cat hair. The fact that I subconsciously had accepted a nipple hair growing 2 inches overnight says it all.
  • I miss caffeine. Decaf just isn’t as good. It’s tolerable when mixed with regular coffee half-and-half. I’ve been weaning down so that I don’t have to turn it off cold turkey when we get pregnant, but it is hard. I have noticed that I am in general sleeping better. Silver lining.
  • I’m giving myself a pat on the back for keeping calm and centered even when people do gross things. How do you feel about a coworker borrowing your earbuds while you’re out of the office? I’m talking about the ones that go IN your ears.The next day, once I had them back in my ears, she decided to mention she had borrowed them. I feel like I should’ve offered to see if she wanted to borrow my underpants. I managed to control my words (not so sure about look on face). Small victories.
  • The bruises! Managing shots and pills but apparently (because it’s hard to see over boobs) I haven’t looked closely at my belly lately. It’s sad and bruised but luckily not as sore as it looks. It looks as if it gets poked 3-5 times a day. Oh wait…
  • PC has been extraordinary. Sometimes in this process I forget that we are both going through it, not just me. He is calm and reassuring, and I am grateful that he is my partner.



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