Baby Avocado

Slowly but surely we are accepting reality and the facts. We are having a baby THIS YEAR. In less than 6 months, we will have a mini-human. I’ve been so bad about the leadtimes in between blogs that I feel like I have to give you the little “here’s what you’ve missed” snippet like sitcoms do from week to week.

I could be biased, but mentally I seem to be handling the pregnancy like a champ. My CEO joked that his wife was a nutcase through all 5 pregnancies, but that I was crazy calm and noticeably nice than normal. I think maybe I was just so wound up and stressed out through the last few years of trying. I didn’t even realize it, but it must have been eating up my soul. So for now, I am just trying to enjoy the ride.

Last update, we had just started telling the world about our news. Now, pretty much everyone knows. The awkwardness of sharing is becoming less and less. We had an OB appointment where we were told we were totally normal (now that the SCH is almost gone) and we’ve joined the masses of the main stream pregnant crowd. Weird. I thought we would always feel like the odd-balls out. I feel no shame in sharing our IVF story, or our struggle, but it is still strange that people treat it differently in a social circle. I don’t mean our really close friends, but more so acquaintances. Do I wish our journey didn’t have to include IVF? Yes of course! But I am also not embarrassed by it! We needed help. So be it.

I am in limbo currently in between maternity clothes and regular clothes with regular pants being too small and maternity pants too big. Wearing a lot of sundresses and maxi skirts these days. Weight gained only about a pound or two depending on the time of day I am on the scale, but the shape of my belly is for sure changing quickly. Food isn’t just sounding good again, it’s tasting great, but I still have to remind myself to eat smaller portions (otherwise I feel too sick after!). The baby is currently the size of an avocado this week according to Google. We should know in a few more weeks whether it’s a boy or girl. PC is still convinced it’s a boy. I also had a dream I was holding baby boy, but no other inklings one way or the other. Holding ANY little miracle at this point is more than enough to make me happy boy OR girl!  I refuse to actually buy anything really baby related until we know the gender.

IMG_1355The future nursery is already good “baby” colors, which saves us the need of having to repaint anything! It’s a neutral green and tan. I figure I can always add accents of pink or brown later if we decide to make it super gender specific. Over the weekend, now that I feel like a human being again, PC helped me clear out the closet in that bedroom. The rest of that room still looks like a bomb went off—the picture attached of the empty room is from when we first installed the wood floors. Good thing we have awhile to prepare– but over the weekend, I put together and installed new closet shelving that is actually functional for a kid’s IMG_1394room. I forgot to take the “before” picture, but it was a wobbly looking hanger bar and equally questionably assembled single top shelf. I still need to cover up some old nail/screw holes, etc. but overall pleased with how it turned out! I took off the closest doors a year or more ago when we installed the wood floors because they were the 1970’s mirrored doors, and now that I have a closet that’s pretty to look at, I have to decide if I even WANT a door at   all put back up…

Next appointment (and maybe a scan?) on June 10th, I will make a much firmer attempt at updated then! Love to all, JP


2 thoughts on “Baby Avocado

  1. I am at a loss for words to describe my feelings of joy for you and Bradley. While reading your latest blog, feelings and thoughts flood through my head, as I wish I could write them down to say how happy and excited I am for you. Everyday I wonder how you are feeling, and looking, and experiencing during this amazing journey.The blog helps me to get beyond your words. Thanks for writing down snippets of what you are and have been going through. You are always in my heart! Love, Mommy

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