Mangos Make Me Itch

Most mangos that is. According to Google, the baby at 18 weeks is now the size of a mango. Except that’s not right, I was reading 19 weeks. Oops. It’s the size of a bell pepper or more entertaining, a soda can.  This mango (soda can) hasn’t made me itch yet even though real mangos give me a rash. 

Total weight gain so far is about 5 pounds and overall feeling great. Round ligament pain when sneezing, coughing or standing up too fast (totally normal for this stage of the game) and some numbness in outer right quad. OB ok’d me seeing an acupuncturist if needed for it as long as I don’t take any herbs from the acupuncturist. So far all things manageable. Turning into a pee-pee monster at night. Bandit has now nearly fully given up on sleeping on the bed because I am awake so often and has moved more permanently to his dog bed next to the window. We find out the sex of Poodle Baby next week (June 30th) which is exciting. PC still firmly believes boy–more so out of denial that it could be a girl vs. actual intuition. I had a dream about holding a baby boy, so we will see if that is right. ALL of my experience with itty bitty babies of friends and family seems to be with girls, so it seems only fitting I will have a boy right?

If I go by Old Wives Tales of determining gender, I have myself a mixed bag. We have also still gotten mixed intuitions from our close friends.

  • Moody? No, in fact eerily calm even about stuff that used to infuriate me= boy
  • Dark nipples? No, same as before just weirder texture= girl
  • Morning sickness? Not anymore, but yes through first trimester= girl
  • Heart rate about 140? Consistently been 150-160= girl
  • Craving salty or sweet? Mostly salty= boy
  • Clear skin? yes=boy

For most of you that know me, you know that I will be thrilled with either after all the struggles to get to this point! In actual newsworthy news, all the genetic bloodwork and scans came back with all signs pointing to normal. I like to think it wouldn’t have changed our views on the pregnancy but it certainly eases our hearts and minds in terms of preparations.

We’ve held off on any real name debates/discussions at this point until we know the gender. PC still thinks Bishop is a good first name. I think it’s too chess/church like, and later I found out also a Marvel character. He will be lucky if I even entertain it as a middle name if it’s a boy. I don’t really want a child’s name inspired by a cartoon…

In other news, I’ve done zero else with the future nursery and I feel ok about that too. We’ve ALMOST reached the halfway point which is exciting, and I plan on getting to work more on it when I have a little more direction with gender. That’s my current excuse for procrastination at least. PC and I went to the Orlando City Soccer game on Sunday which was really fun. A lot of walking which makes me way more tired than it used to, but felt good to get out and about now that there is no more nausea! I don’t actually follow soccer closely, but PC does. He’s tried since the World Cup last year to teach me more about the game and slowly but surely I think I am getting it! Below is our view from our first seats. They eventually moved us because there was a swarm of fire ants under my seat. I wasn’t overly worried, but PC is in “protect the preggy” mode. After he got bit twice, he had us moved to seats at the railing which were great. Stay tuned two weeks for gender reveal!



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