Halfway there and It’s a…

Banana. It’s the length of a banana. Or a personal pan pizza. Or an artichoke? The food comparisons just keep getting stranger. Time is flying. Come later in this pregnancy, I am sure it will suddenly stand still, but for right now, I am completely in shock we are already at the halfway point. I assume ALL first time mom’s are somewhat nervous the first trimester, but I know 150% those that have struggled with infertility breathe an extra sigh of relief with each passing week checked off. While our first huge viability milestone won’t be until week 24 (when with incredible medical intervention it would be POSSIBLE to have a baby survive even that early), each Tuesday (when our next week begins) feels like a monumental milestone and reality check. WE ARE DOING THIS. I am still feeling really good, nausea is gone completely and food now sounds AMAZING and tastes even better. There is no more hiding the belly–luckily haven’t put on a lot of pounds anywhere else, but starting to look very round in the front. Surprisingly haven’t outgrown any bras yet, but I guess when you started out with annoyingly huge tatas, maybe I just haven’t noticed much of a difference. Yesterday was our first growth scan. Most important to me was finding out that all the parts and pieces were the appropriate size and shape. Cleared on cleft pallets/cleft lip, spina-bifida and any obvious anatomical defects. Big sigh of relief. Baby wasn’t cooperating initially (PC and I disagree on who the stubborn gene comes from) initially and continually faced the opposite direction of what the ultrasound tech desired. Selfishly it was fine s-boy-green-owls-green-background-45454905with me, it just meant we got to look at this amazing little thing on the screen longer while our tech pushed and prodded to try to get this little munchkin to cooperate! Eventually we got ALL the angles that we needed and confirmed that we will welcome a little BOY come November into our lives. PC summed it up best about his relief with a quote from Steve Harvey. “When you have a son, you worry about one penis. When you have a daughter, you worry about ALL the other penises.”

Now the name game begins. I don’t think we will keep the name a secret once we’ve decided, but I don’t know that I will share it with everyone we know…mostly because I HATE when people express their opinions on a name without being asked. If I am in love with a name and someone say why they don’t like it, I just can’t imagine reacting well. I had been keeping a list of potential names in my phone and PC had his own list going. Yesterday afternoon we exchanged lists and surprisingly there were several we had in common. Phew. Another sigh of relief that it might not be a battle in our house! We both seem to be on the same page when it comes to something strong and semi-unique, but not unusual enough hat a child  gets picked on all through school. We actually laughed through the afternoon about some of the options, and agreed not to get our feelings hurt or pout if the other vetoed a name, regardless of the reason. So far so good.

The fourth of July is fast approaching, and PC  and I are headed out of town to celebrate Coyote’s wedding in Alabama. While wedding festivities are a little different now without cocktails, I can’t WAIT to celebrate these two special guys! It will be a hefty drive from Central Florida, but I am certain worth every minute. It will also leave MANY hours in the car to continue “The Great Name Debate of 2015”.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July!


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