Hip Hip Hooray!

There have been some moments in the past few years where I truly questioned if this world was something I felt ok bringing a human into. The wars, the horror stories, the crazies. It’s enough to make anyone question the path we are all on. In the past two weeks though I have found some renewed faith in our nation.  In fairness, this post might not be for everyone, and might irk some people. But here’s the beauty in it…#1 it’s my blog, I can pretty much write what I want and #2, freedom to THINK and freedom to FEEL are some of the basic principles this country was founded on.

First, it’s hard to avoid the news of the Charleston shootings and the fallout of the flying of the confederate flag. I totally understand that not everyone who flies/has flown that flag is a racist. I also get that it might not have originated representing hatred. However there are PLENTY of symbols in history that didn’t start off with bad meanings that have evolved to represent something else. Let’s take for example the Swastika. Five thousand years before Hitler created it as a symbol of hate in Germany, it actually meant “well-being” in Sanskrit. But that doesn’t matter. The Swastika has come to be associated with hate and oppression, and all things awful. It might seem a bit of a stretch, but I see the confederate flag in somewhat of the same way. It’s evolved to be hurtful, it’s progressed to be controversial. I don’t disagree with your “right” to own it, or even a swastika if you so choose. If you wear it on a t-shirt, that’s your right. I most certainly will right off the bat assume you’re an asshole,  because that’s my right. What I am proud of this week is that we’ve chosen to separate it from governmental entities.

And speaking of governmental entities, my heart is overwhelmingly full after the Supreme Court’s ruling regarding marriage. I don’t even want to label it gay marriage. It’s not, its marriage. It’s ok if your religion conflicts with this. No court is making your church believe a certain way, or your minister perform services. Again, it goes back to my point about what our country was founded on. We came here to escape religious persecution and being “forced” to believe in certain things. So I am 100% behind your right to disagree. Soldiers have fought for hundreds of years to defend our freedoms including the right to choose what WE believe. However in saying that, remember that the government isn’t based on the bible—or shouldn’t be– because not everyone’s morals and standards are based on it. Since not everyone shares the same belief, we shouldn’t makeaws based in Torah or the Quran either… the Bible isn’t everyone’s script. For me, the sooner people realize that equality as humans and in government has nothing to do with religious infringement, the better off we will ALL be.

Right in line with equal rights in marriage…I had the chance to go to a wedding to celebrate two young men (Coyote and his husband)this weekend now that marriage for all is the law of the land. Weddings are a bit emotional for me always—and seem to be even more so with the added pregnancy hormones. I haven’t been overly crazy in other aspects (according to PC) but I do cry a lot at sappy things. It was beautiful. PC and one other friend’s husband were the only two straight guys out of the “friends” portion of guests and that was no biggie. Neither of the guys are insecure about who they are, and let’s be real, gay guys aren’t predators. They don’t want our straight husbands any more so than the husbands want them (another misconception we can dive into later). There was tons of family from both sides, and most came driving in from Texas and Alabama. I would venture to say in the last two decades, most of those people in traditionally conservative states probably never thought they would be there supporting such a beautiful union, but there they were-hearts full and celebrating.

Other than feeling slightly more optimistic about the world in which we will raise a kid, all else on the baby front is unchanged. We’ve hit the 21 week mark today and next appointment isn’t until the end of the month. I have still yet to get motivated on the nursery decorating, but my dad is here in about a week and hoping he and I can knock some things out around the house and get the motivation rolling.


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