Sensory Overload

Registry. Check. Talk about sensory overload—I still feel like I have a long time to prepare, but the reality is, time is still flying and we are now down to the three month mark and less than that obviously until our shower. Our friends have started asking where we were registered and I shamefully had to admit we weren’t.  In my mind, registering for baby Poodle was going to be easy/semi-fun like creating a wedding registry was and I could just pop in and do it anytime. Ummmm… not really. Scanning things for a wedding meant walking up and down aisles with PC and scanning all the things we could use/need in a home without any real thought put into it. Ya’ll, doing that for a baby is HARD. There are some fun items (like all the hooded towels a girl could dream over) but most items of significance need so much thought. A car seat…Is it safe? Has it been reviewed? Will it fit in both vehicles, and our future vehicle? Is it easy/manageable to handle? Oh, it comes with a stroller? Great, let me test the height and mobility of the stroller. How fast and easy does that fold up? Oh my god, it’s huge. Oh, it’s a baby carrier too? Super. Since I don’t even know what half of the products are for, I brought Snarky instead of PC because she’s been there and done that on the kid things –a big help with the overload factor and determining what IS actually necessary. I was also appalled at the cost of baby stuff. No wonder everyone talks about kids being so expensive, they start racking up the $ before they’re even out of the womb! Stroller, $200+ (and this is being selective, not to pick the $400 plus ones)—ok in my mind rationalized by the stroller, car seat, carrier combo. High chair $199. What?!?!?! Why?!?!?  But alas, we are technically registered. Trying to spread the love between Buy Buy Baby and Target. BB Baby is 20% overpriced in my opinion, but at least they take Bed Bath & Beyond coupons that flood everyone’s mailboxes, so at least there is that! The baby monitors are enough to give you a panic. I ended up going with one with a sensor under the baby in case he doesn’t breathe/move often enough–a panic I hadn’t really entertained until we were shopping. And the breast pumps. My god. Perhaps I am still just too juvenile, but I can’t help but laugh at the pictures. We are going to attempt to breastfeed, so obviously I think that’s great, but there is NOTHING cute about the process of pumping when I will have to go back to work. The pumps are set up like high tech udder-suckers, and again are several hundred dollars unless you feel like manually pumping (I don’t). Oye. **Update** Thanks to Panda, I just found out most insurance now COVERS the breastpump thanks to the Affordable Care Act in the US, so if you are expecting, hit that up! I just ordered mine!

In other news, we entered week 25 this week. Past the first viability milestone and chugging along. Feeling really thankful a) that we are having a baby b) that all the complications/bleeding of the first trimester seem to have dissolved and c) that I am feeling like a million bucks. Having some (let me emphasis minor) MINOR tweaks and twinges which I think are all part of the game. By evening time, my lower back/buttocks are having some nerve issues but some heat and golf ball massage seem to be lessening that discomfort. I had my 24 week checkup last week and all was a thumbs up. My belly in my opinion has gotten HUGE, so I was worried the Doc might tell me I had gained too much weight. Turns out I am only 11 lbs. up which she said is well within the normal range, but just appears to be ALL gut. I will take it. Blood pressure was normal 110/70 and baby Poodle heartbeat of 145 was right on track. I am SURE the swelling and discomfort is coming, but in the meantime, remaining grateful that my rings still fit, I still have normal feet/ankles and that despite being August in Florida, I seem to be managing the heat pretty well. Ok maybe not well, but no more miserable than summers past here. I haven’t actually slept IN our sheets in two weeks because I seem to radiate heat at night, but again—all manageable.  I made the mistake of looking at my belly button. It’s not an outtie yet, but it’s getting very flat and strange looking. The stretch marks that I got on my stomach from puberty are also reappearing, but I am not upset over those, I am just accepting them as part of this process!

I am not sure I ever mentioned it before, but we have this not-so mother in law suite in our backyard. It was a selling point for the previous owners, that they had walled in a workshop complete with electricity (but no plumbing). When we bought the house, we had the vision of it being a man cave for PC. We had cable installed and thought it would be the perfect place to put a pool table, bar and/or Sunday NFL Fundays with this friends. And then came the disastrous house issues of 2011 and focus on the man cave was put on the backburner to getting our regular house in order (money, time, energy, mostly money). In the interim, the man cave sprung a roof leak and started getting molding and just became a place to store old Tupperware boxes of Christmas decorations. PC has to be like the rest of the general population and watch NFL games in the living room. Then work on the man cave took the backseat to having a baby. Both PC and I agreed, money spent on fertility treatments and IVF was of more value to us. Now that baby Poodle is on the way, my parents have taken on the outside project. It’s future plans are no longer man-cave, but Grandma/Glamma/GiGi Cave. My mom (and dad sometimes too) want to be able to come down for extended visits without feeling like they are crawling all over “our space” and to give them a place of their own. So the moldy cave is coming down and the plumbed and livable aparLong term, good investment on the property, and good investment so that as my parents age, I don’t have to put them in a nursing home if they need a little “assisted living” but can have them 50 yards away in the back yard. So today, demolition begins. Below is a picture of the “before”. They will also be taking out the extra sheds that exist in our yard (seriously the previous owners must’ve had a shed fetish). Operation Grandparent to be continued…



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