Baby Dance Party

We are ending trimester two and time is still flying. I am still completely cognizant that in a a few weeks, I will likely regret ever typing those words, when time seemingly comes to a halt.

FullSizeRenderDemolition progressed crazy fast on the back IMG_1978yard–here’s a progression of pictures over about a three day time frame. To the right is PC and our contractor (I wasn’t allowed out back because of the mold) reboxing/wiping down a set of china dishes that had been packed out there. They’re equipped with gloves and masks just in case. What they (and neither was I) prepared for was that it apparently wasn’t just dishes in the boxes. I’d forgotten it was about 1/2 my childhood. Talk

IMG_1977about feeling like a hoarder…They’re holding up objects through the back window and I am giving a thumbs up or thumbs down on whether I want to keep said items. I am talking boxes of Pez IMG_1981dispensers, bottles of cokes I’ve collected from around the world, lamps, corded telephones,  you name it. Along with the moldy “man cave” the rotting shed also came down. The backyard now seems absolutely enormous for the time being. The empty concrete slab will serve as the foundation (although they will end up raising it a little bit to avoid any flooding risks and include about aIMG_1986 IMG_1996400 sft. living space and storage unit.

IMG_1906Progression of my “gut”/baby belly seems to be going at equally as fast of a speed. Every day I wake up and think it’s grown overnight. I am constantly reminded what a weird and amazing transition it is that our bodies go through! This picture is just a quick snapshot at work at about the 25 1/2 week mark. We’re another 1.5 weeks further than that now and will try to remember to take an updated picture this week. We are in full blown movement mode. I’ve been able to feels movement for weeks, but PC got to feel his first outside kick this past week. Baby Poodle is having constant dance parties and what a welcome feeling after so many failed cycles and weeks of worry!

A friend’s mom (PC’s close friend growing up) offered to buy our nursery furniture for us as a baby gift.FullSizeRender I am constantly reminded of the presence of my own parents, but without PC’s parents to share this process with, I am glad this couple fills that role a bit! I continue to be humbled at the big hearts and generosity that has been extended to us. Baby Poodle is going to be so overwhelmed someday (much as we are) at how much love, prayers, support, good jujus, gifts etc. that were extended before he ever came to be. Here’s the crib that got picked out. It’s not our nursery, just a stock photo, but I am really excited about it! There is a dresser that has a snap on changing pad that will go with it, and a FANCY recliner glider that might be the nicest piece of furniture that will ever exist in our house. The glider won’t be ready for about 5 more weeks and I was content waiting for it all to arrive together. The furniture store guy was convinced I’d change my mind as soon as the nesting urge kicks in. I didn’t even have to. The store called and prefers to arrange delivery on the ready items now. It’s all starting to feel VERY real.


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