Bye Bye Bye

I’ve long ago said goodbye to by waistline, Pants with zippers, restful sleep and a strong bladder. As we begin our venture into trimester three, I say a few more goodbyes.

Bye nose ring. You’ve been really fun and likely I will get you pierced again after delivery. The trouble arose when I tried about a month or more ago to change from a regular screw in piece of jewelry to what they call a bone (thicker ends, thinner in the middle like an arm bone). Well turns out, that old adage about not fixing what isn’t broken rings true again and I should have just let that sucker be. It wasn’t easy to get back in, but it was possible–and it came out with plenty of ease. Well, I wanted something “shiner” of course. I didn’t get the bone pushed all the way through the back end of the hole (and I didn’t know it) in my nose and consequently the back “exit” part of the piercing closed up. That left my nose ring in limbo. With delivery pending in the 3 months, all jewelry has to be removable in case of an emergency. If they have to intubate you for any reason, etc for any reason, that has to come out with ease, or they’re just going to rip it out. Well I tried to get it out, proceeded to make my nose really sore and… Well it was stuck. So I had to have a piercer take it out for me (which he quickly did). He said no piercer though of any sort of moral compass will repierce it (even just that back side) while you’re pregnant. I get it—risks of infection are higher as my immune system works harder to protect Baby Poodle, and risks including raised blood pressure and any sort of bar reaction aren’t worth it at all.

Bye Belly Button. You were fun while you lasted. I haven’t gotten the outtie nipple-like belly button yet, but my once deep cavern of a belly button as become all but flat. I did discover a freckle that must normally reside inside that no longer does. Silver lining, nowhere for lint to get trapped?

Bye trusty bras. Everyone assumed since I am a large chested girl that I’d be exploding out of those things day one. Well it didn’t happen that way. In fact, although your boobs get weird during pregnancy, mine hadn’t really gotten that much bigger. Not big enough anyhow, that my large and trusty bras couldn’t rein the girls in. But alas, we have reached a point they can no longer cut it. I have resorted currently to a sports bra like thing until I can figure out what size I actually am now to buy. At least my wedding ring still fits? That’s held out for 2/3 of the pregnancy including July/August heat of Florida, so I feel pretty ok about that.

We had our glucose screening test on Friday and should have the results back early this week. I’ve teetered on blood sugar in the past (pre-pregnancy) on the high side of normal, so I am not overly optimistic about passing this first testing…at minimum I expect to have to do the four hour glucose tolerance test.  All else at the appointment was right on point. Blood pressure remained at strong 115/80,  and got my TDAP (tetanus and Whooping cough) vaccine updated. Our fundal length (pubic bone to top of uterus measured with tape measure) has us measuring a few days ahead. The doctor didn’t seem concerned given the height of PC and I that we likely have a long baby growing.

IMG_2069The furniture people delivered the crib and dresser/changing table onIMG_2068 Saturday and it’s making this little one seem that much more real! The furniture really is beautiful. I then spent most of Sunday figuring out my plan for painting a little table and bookshelf to coordinate. I think it came out well. Definitely wasn’t a “Pinterest FAIL” but sometimes I wish I had a little steadier hand when it comes to painting! Like a dummy, I forgot to take “before pictures” but basically a plain bookshelf I’ve had since college and a small corner cabinet (both had that orangey-wood stain on them).



2 thoughts on “Bye Bye Bye

  1. You’ll never want to go back to pants with zippers. They suck. I miss my maternity pants!

    Also, you still have a nose ring? How did I miss that last time I saw you?

  2. Snarky says my nose piercing looked so natural that it didn’t stick out. So maybe that’s a good thing and why a)you’d skipped it and b)why my job doesn’t mind. Was small, not like a big bull ring!

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