Hello Mom-mobile

Eight years ago, right before my 25th birthday I bought myself my first “grown up/big girl car. Since high school, I had been driving a 4 door Saturn that my parents had bought. It served me well purpose, but by 2007, it had seen its better days, including being rear-ended, 140,000+ miles of wear, three hurricanes (with some leaks) that resulted in a bit of smelly mold and more. The clutch was going bad and so were the brakes, but I was young and single and money didn’t (does it ever?) come easy. I was working a second job at night and on weekends slinging coffee at Starbucks so that I could afford a new car eventually, but hadn’t been ready to pull the trigger up to that point. On the day I went to test drive a few new options at a friend’s dealership, a dump truck totaled my car and put my search from a “want” to an immediate need. That night, I bought my “new to me” Honda Accord. Happy birthday to me. I’d bought a sporty two door with barely 20,000 miles on it and I was proud of buying it all on my own. I paid that bad boy off years ago and have enjoyed life car-payment free. Getting past the expense and emotional exhaustion of IVF and embracing our pregnancy after being so worried for SO many weeks also brought with it a realization. Honda wasn’t going to cut it much longer. By now, this car needed replacing BAAAAAD anyhow. The passenger door handle broke years ago, meaning you had to roll down the window to let yourself out. The driver door joined that about a year ago. That wasn’t as big of a deal until the window switch on the driver side started being hit or miss, occasionally leaving me to feel temporarily trapped in the car. One oxygen sensor was more than shot, the brakes were up for a revamp, the headliner was completely sagging, and 2011-hyundai-elantra-touring-7most importantly, no way can PC and I put a car seat and/or child in a miniature back seat. Hello mom-mobile. I can’t bring myself to enter into buying a mini-van, but I did officially retire the Honda this week in place of a Hyundai Elantra Touring which borderlines in my mind on a station wagon. It doesn’t have the same long front as your grandma’s old station wagon with the backward facing last row, BUT it has a hatchback similar in size and rides with the luxury of a big ride. And I love it. The price was right, and it fits our needs perfectly (we think) for Baby Poodle!


2 thoughts on “Hello Mom-mobile

  1. That missing door handle wasn’t such a big deal until I had my shoulder surgery and I couldn’t open the door from the inside. It wasn’t so bad that you had me climb out the passenger side window, as I am very flexible. Just kidding! You never did that! Congratulations!! Looks like a nice car. So exciting getting ready for NB (new baby). SW (sweet ride)

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