What’s Life Without Some Chaos?

TGIF has never rung so true! Happy to report, all is healthy and well ending this week. I was hesitant to post this earlier in the week because my parents have been out of cell phone range and I didn’t want to send them into a panic if they saw this before we had a chance to talk! Mom/dad, all IS A-ok!

Last week I saw my regular OB for the first time since I’d met with the MFM specialist that I didn’t care for.  You could tell she was both pissed and apologetic about the experience. She was embarrassed and apologetic even though it’s not her fault, because in her eyes, it’s a reflection of their office when they refer a patient out. She was also irritated that he’d brought up the idea of a C-section so casually and so early. While that IS still a risk, we won’t know more according to Dr. T until closer to 36 weeks, and she uses a C-section only when it’s a must, not when it’s a convenience. She also didn’t like that he’d been the one to discuss it, would have preferred that come from her directly when we know more. She did confirm that while a C-section isn’t definite, we will aim to deliver between weeks 38-39, so looks like Baby Poodle will have a birthday 11/3-11/10 this year. While the idea of being induced is still scary, luckily some friends reached out (thanks Panda!) with some positive stories rather than only the horror stories I am used to hearing. It could still happen, but throughout the whole pregnancy, I’ve been SURE there would be a moment where time seemed to stand still and I’d be impatiently awaiting our due date. Not there yet. Time is still flying, and I am more often than not still thinking WHAT THE F**K, we are having a baby SOON. Next week, I ring in my 33rd birthday (no big deal) but all I can think about is HOW IS IT OCTOBER NEXT WEEK?!?!? October translates to “OH MY GOD, WE ARE HAVING A BABY NEXT MONTH” which is both exciting and terrifying. I haven’t done any real “decorating” of the nursery yet, but it will happen…and even if he arrives before then, guessing the baby won’t really care. Let’s be real, the nursery décor is 99% for the mom. My current goals are to keep this baby cooking until shower one 10/11 and shower two 10/24 have both passed and then ideally work through the end of October… I’ve accepted my lack of control at this point and have resigned myself to roll with whatever happens. We’ve made it 32.5 weeks so far and just keeping un-swollen fingers crossed that it continues!

But back to the chaos of this week…Because of our gestational diabetes diagnosis, and being dependent on nighttime NPH (insulin) to control the fasting numbers (all my daytime IMG_2218diet/exercise controlled #’s continue to be excellent) we are required to go for NSTs twice a week. They are “non-stress tests” that just require you to be attached to two discs. One measures any uterine muscle movement like stress or contractions, and the other monitors the baby’s heartbeat. Well Monday’s test didn’t go so stress free. The baby’s heartbeat appeared to fall twice down to 90 (in hindsight, the monitor was likely picking up MY heartbeat at this point) and I was immediately ordered to Winnie Palmer Hospital to be admitted for 24 hours of monitoring. I haven’t been checked into a hospital since I had my thyroid removed, and this wasn’t really how I’d planned to go back. I never even turned my computer off at work, as I’d anticipated going right back to work after my appointment. It’s again a constant reminder, I am no longer in charge. Baby is in charge. Already. PC had left work when he got my call, stopped to tend to the animals and grab me a few things from the house like a toothbrush, change of underwear and PJ’s, etc. as well as some entertainment in the form of kindle/books/chargers and had spent the evening sitting in an uncomfortable chair in my room. They attempted to start an IV line first in my hand, then in my elbow and finally in this strange part of my forearm “just in case” which doesn’t make you anymore relaxed. Bobolini reminded me this week (one of our RN friends) that it COULD have been a neck IV, and all of a sudden, forearm didn’t sound so bad. Perspective right? Seriously I’m not bothered by needles, but I think I might die if they ever have to get an IV in my neck while I am awake. Surprisingly my blood pressure stayed normal despite my anxiety being through the roof. They also administered the first of two rounds of a steroid shot for the same “just in case” reason as the IV that will speed the development of BP’s lungs. Normally they would only do that if there were signs of preterm labor, but because at that point they didn’t know IF anything was wrong that would force a premature delivery, they err on the side of caution. For the record, that shot stings like a bee sting. I had to go back Tuesday night for round two, but at least a quick in and out visit. These shots also mess with your blood sugar for about 72 hours, but in the realm of their concerns, it’s the better alternative. They performed what I now know is called a BPP ultrasound which is a timed test to make sure baby meets certain markers. They have 30 minutes, and luckily Baby Poodle passed them all within 5 minutes. Snarky surprised me and came by for a bit to hang out once I sent PC home to try to sleep and was a welcome distraction from all the cords. Thankfully, the monitoring went great and by 4:30am, i was disconnected from ”the chains” and gratefully slept for about an hour. I’d tried to sleep throughout the night, but getting comfortable without disconnecting monitors, having to get up to go to the bathroom and having vitals and blood drawn had pretty well interfered with plans of that before. At the 4:30 monitor removal, I was told I’d been cleared by the overnight high risk doctor and would be discharged later in the day. By 7am, the MFM I’d met with the night before (who by the way was way more likeable than the one I’d met a few weeks back) came by and told me everything ”looked beautiful” and as soon as paperwork was finished, I could get jail broken out. I went home and rested mid day, and was back at work on Wednesday. I have to admit, i was nervous about my second NST that was scheduled for yesterday but thankfully, we passed that with flying colors and no additional hold-ups! Belly is looking HUGE. IMG_2235I am having a hard time imagining how big it will be 5-6 weeks from now when we welcome (hopefully) BP. It doesn’t FEEL that big walking around until I bump into walls (please forgive exhausted Friday I don’t care about my hair type look today) but when I see the mirror or a picture I just gasp. Total weight gain sitting about 10-11 lbs. still since positive pregnancy test. I had plenty of weight to spare coming in which is why I think (plus the missing refined  sugars from the GD) have helped keep that relatively low.

So  here we are, looking forward to a bit of a calmer ending of our week vs. the beginning.  Happy weekend wishes all around!


3 thoughts on “What’s Life Without Some Chaos?

  1. Goodness! I didn’t know all of that was going down. Glad baby and you are ok! BTW, I didn’t realize you were 32. I don’t know wtf I thought but happy early bday!

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