Quarter Pole in Sight


We’ve made the final turn and are running the home stretch. Stupid pregnancy hormones, I tear up just writing that! We now have between 26 and 32 days until our biggest dream comes true. That doesn’t seem like a lot of time AT ALL. I am excited, and I know we will be fine, but there is a part of me that keeps thinking “I am not ready”—I need these next few weeks to slow down a bit. PC seems cool and confident…so far. Baby gifts and goodies are starting to pile up in the nursery and I am constantly reminded and thankful at how generous people have been with us.

Last update, I was having twice weekly NSTs (the first of which landed me in the hospital). The second and third went great and while I didn’t out right fail the fourth one, the doctor didn’t immediately pass me either. She insisted on an ultrasound to confirm all was a-ok. It was, and she ultimately decided to cancel the NST’s since they just don’t seem to be a good match for us (baby could be in a weird position, moves too much, etc) and she thinks they’re long term just causing me more anxiety. She decided to skip them and just do a once a week BPP ultrasound instead. It allows me to come into the office less, they’re shorter and they show MORE than the NSTs, plus I am spoiled every time I get to see BP doing all the things he’s supposed to in there. BP aced that yesterday in less than 10 minutes (they have 30 minutes to meet all the markers). We also had our follow up today with Dr. Bonehead. I was worried. He was the MFM specialist I didn’t *ahem* particularly like the last time we saw him. I’d gotten permission from my OBGYN to switch to another doctor there, but the schedules were full and ultimately I decided to just suck it up and be a grown up and make it work. I went in with the mindset that he wasn’t the greatest communicator and MIGHT not have the best filter when it came to bedside manner, but that it didn’t necessarily make him a terrible person or a bad doctor. It helped. I was calmer, I felt like he listened better, and it didn’t hurt that the growth scan and my sugars looked great. He was pleased with the consistency and “tight control” we’ve had on the gestational diabetes and the growth scan was promising. Last time, PB was measuring about three weeks total ahead consistently (head, shoulders, belly and legs). He was at the 85% marker and again, they don’t stress until 90 or unless they’re belly measurements are way ahead– but at only 30 weeks, it was obviously a concern about JUST how big he might get. Big belly measurements show that they are getting “fat” only at the stomach which is usually a sign that the GD is causing the big growth and not just that you have a big baby. This time, PB is measuring overall only about a week ahead. His belly, head and shoulders are all one week ahead and his long gangly legs are three weeks ahead. Not surprising about the length of his legs considering his genetics—That puts him about 6 pounds now, and they estimate about 8-8.5lbs by the time he arrives and at about the 81% marker. I feel MUCH better the closer we get and the more good reports like this we see.

So keep cooking Baby Poodle. I need time to make it through your showers and decorate your nursery before you arrive!


One thought on “Quarter Pole in Sight

  1. It’s so hard to balance my excitement with patience. I know for now I have to wait so I will continue to send my excitement energy to “new baby”. None the less, I kinda feel like I am on the road leading to the Grand Canyon. The road is so long, yet I know something wonderful lies ahead and I just want to see and experience the amazing miracle ahead that God has made.

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