Crossed the 35 week threshold. Whew. Strange, knowing we are close enough that they wouldn’t even attempt to stop labor if Baby Poodle decided to show up. I still want a few more weeks, realistically we are looking right now at between 12108192_10206416051254869_470856886950570600_n3-4. Whoa. And Eeeeeek! I feel pretty proud of the fact we’ve made it this far without any major discomforts/complaining. Starting to feel the effects of missing sleep (just practice for my future right?) and hip pain is increasing. I have boy hips pre-pregnancy, so thinking this might just be my body adjusting for the future. Overall still feeling grateful that my body has kept complaining to a minimum. Belly button lost the inney war, and remains strangely shallow/flat but still hasn’t flipped outward like a button. Hold out a few more weeks belly button, you can do it!

My Orlando baby shower was this weekend and it was everything I couldn’t have asked for and more. Just enough girlfriends and family to still feel small enough where you have time to visit with everyone. 12112248_10206416050294845_2729156648048265906_nMy mom helped fund it, Snarky went above and beyond putting it all together.  We had the cutest rubber ducky theme and super location and decorations. More than the shower itself, I could not even swallow the amount of generosity people show with babies. It’s really crazy. When my mom had my sister and I -30+ years ago, she didn’t have this kind of shower—how much easier it makes “getting started” on taking care of baby! We feel really appreciative and really loved. PC even got to enjoy the “loot” when our friends indulged his 5 year old side with Batman walkers, DC/Marvel 12079689_10206416050174842_796185777919290020_nonesies, Philadelphia Eagles onesies, etc. I mean…I was really proud of myself for only crying 15642315 times.

I indulged in some cake knowing that my sugar levels have been spot on for weeks and was pleasantly surprised I didn’t even go out of my goal range on sugars! Yummmmm…..Cake. I feel like Homer Simpson thinking about butter.

All thank you notes are written and in the mail, except Snarky’s because that’s going to take some time—Makes me sound a bit like an overachiever, but in our house growing up, we had rules 12112135_10206416051134866_2107513013467612578_nabout thank you’s. You couldn’t use/spend/wear/etc. a gift until the thank you note was in the mail. It’s a policy I’ve continued to follow as an adult (including when we got married) and family law that I plan on passing down to baby Poodle too. It makes you accountable, and it also makes you write a more personalized thank you while the gifts are still fresh in your mind! My mom was processing the gifts in like a professional warehouse while I wrote. The nursery, while still missing art/etc. that needs to be hung looks MUCH more put together now and all the clothes from Coach (a gigantic box of goodies from her two boys) are sorted and put away by size. Once I wash the new ones I will add them in as well! I haven’t felt the need to actually “nest” which is probably good because I hear once that starts you are close–and I’d like to still make it to Tallahassee in 10 days!

This week we start our weekly visits with the OBGYN and she might even assign us an induction date after seeing the last growth scan. As long as 12122575_10206416050534851_1586128039626418966_nbaby stays under 9 lbs, and without any other complications, she will let us attempt regular delivery. I am still ok either way, as long as he arrives safe and sound.  My mom also helped us start our hospital bag, and it’s about 90% packed and sitting by the door. If nothing else, PC and I will have toothbrushes and clean underwear. All the necessities right?


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