Random Thoughts From Late 3rd Trimester

Please don’t interpret these as complaints. Far from it. Still VERY grateful to have gotten this far, and more than anything have found humor in a few random thoughts these last few weeks. I plan on continuing to add to this one, so feel free to check back on that, or if you have experiences of your own you’d like to include, feel free to email thejudgypoodle@yahoo.com, I’d love to include them.

  • I’ve reached the point, where bending over is more difficult than it’s usually worth. I find myself dropping things and then after an attempt to reach them (and sometimes without an attempt) I usually mutter “fuck it” and just move on to whatever else I was doing. This is applicable to things in our house, at work, at the store, etc. There are officially no limits. A friend that recently delivered twins said near the end of her pregnancy, her husband could piece together the story of her day based on what was on the floor.
  • Standing up and/or rolling over is a committed affair and so sound effects are barred. I rock back and forth to get momentum often times and PC can’t help but crack a smile at the struggle of getting up from the couch. It’s somewhat like a turtle on it’s back trying to flip back over.
  • Pregnancy sleep (or lack of) is just training. I mean how else are you supposed to prepare for the sleep deprivation of a newborn schedule? I currently count myself as “lucky” if I can sleep for more than 60 minutes without waking. In a few short weeks, I suspect that # will be cut significantly.
  • Almost daily, I plead with my belly button to just hold on a few more weeks. While I lost my “innie” a long time ago, it’s yet to completely flip inside out either. But it’s close, and in the last 7-10 days appears to be losing the fight more than winning. It’s also so strange, because I can’t stop touching it. Like when you lost a tooth as a kid and you couldn’t keep your tongue out of that space. It’s half raised, but still not a full blown outtie, so it’s a half in, half out confused mess. Weird.
  • I’ve begun my last two weeks of work today. While I should be more weirded out about the fact that PC and I are about to be parents, I find myself strangely more concerned about the fact that I’ve NEVER been out of work this long. I took two weeks off when we got married (week before and week after) and that felt like an eternity to be away.
  • I’ve skipped the panic on “how do I raise a child” but find myself caught up on the “how am I ever going to know how to use this swaddle blanket” type of panic. Totally logical right?

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