Time Flies When You’re…

Sleep deprived. Time flies when you don’t know what day it is. Hats off to you bloggers out there that juggle parenting AND writing–I haven’t been able to find the balance yet of the two! Extra time rarely seems to exist, and when it does, you’re far more likely to find me sleeping or in a half asleep, semi-vegetative state in the shower resting until the hot water runs out. What I’m trying to say is obviously I’m Blog-Slacking. 

Baby Poodle was exactly 6weeks old when I started writing and now a week has passed and I can’t believe it’s going so fast. Scratch that, two weeks now and I’m back to try to finish this post. lossless Baby is 8 weeks tomorrow. Just as cliche as it sounds, hands down the best thing I’ve ever done/made. I survived the first two weeks (and so did the baby obviously) with my mom gone and PC back to work. We are working out a routine (sort of) and slowly but surely I think we are all getting into the groove. We don’t flinch at baby pee at all. In fact, we went through a stage with BP’s little chicken legs where we weren’t getting the diapers tight enough and he was regularly super-soaking us. We don’t flinch at poop–even though breastfeeding poop isn’t really poop, and we barely flinch at spit up. Ok I don’t flinch at spit up, but PC had a moment fighting the gags the other day and all I could do was laugh. Days later he experienced his first neck down poop soup experience and while PC didn’t gag, he just kept exclaiming “It’s everywhere. It’s on his feet. Oh my God” and similar phrases. Again I laughed until my gut hurt.PC wasn’t raised around a lot (or any) babies but he’s learning so fast. He volunteered for dirty diapers to get the hang of it all and despite being back to work, he takes the last two hours each morning before he has to get ready so that I can have uninterrupted sleep. Not just hats off to blogging moms, but hats off to single moms (or dads!).That shit would be hard. I mean it’s hard sometimes right now to find enough hands to get things done and we have 4 adult hands around here. We shift eat meals (and take turns)so one of us at least gets to eat a meal warm. Usually the first ends up biting their tongue or burning mouth trying to hurry for person #2. 

Poodle Baby sleeps 4 hours straight and hit or miss after that at night. We are happy about 4 hours. He’s starting to smile-ish–moving more away from the accidental mid poop smile and more towards conscious emotions. He’s following us, lights and anything that moves constantly. PC looks forward to when baby can talk and tell him why he’s mad, but I want to hit pause button and keep baby snuggling as long as possible. The faster he grows the closer I get to returning to work which I didn’t think would be so hard. I was wrong, the idea now sounds awful.

The holidays are not just approaching, they are here and almost over. My dad flew in for Christnasand then my sister and nephew will be here for New Years. Despite blog-slacking, we got a tree up and decorated the Saturday after Thanksgiving, shopping done and presents wrapped well ahead of most people, so I feel relatively accomplished. We even I decorated before my dad left yesterday despite it still being December because it was way easier with an extra set of hands!

I’ve now resorted to blogging on my phone via WordPress app  (please forgive my typos or any broken thoughts)and a snoozing almost 8 week old on my shoulder and I couldn’t think of a better way to end the night. I’ll try to keep better updates going so that two months at a time don’t blur together! And now…we sleep! 



3 thoughts on “Time Flies When You’re…

  1. Ah the joys of a diaper blow out. LOL! I know you are tired but I actually laughed out loud at “hitter miss.” Glad all goes well in mommyhood! Love you! Can’t wait to meet him!

  2. There is a part of me that giggled as I read all the attempts at trying to post this but not being able to. It seems so easy, write a post and post it but momming is 24/7 and makes such things nearly impossible. He’s so big and I can’t wait to meet him.

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