Oopsy Poopsy

Clearly composing new posts with any sort of efficiency isn’t my forte right now. Here are some running thoughts from this week–I’ll continue to add to these this week, so check back later!

  • I always talked about farts and poop without shame.Being a parent has made it an everyday conversation topic.
  • Blankets are better burp cloths than burp cloths.
  • Boppy pillows are essential. We use them for nursing, sleeping, guests use to hold baby for support, etc.
  • You can never have too many wipes on hand. NEVER. They clean faces, hands, car seats, everything basically in addition to cleaning asses.
  • Poop diapers in our house are ranked in severity like fires based on number of wipes needed. For example four wipes is “four alarm fire”. If we have “total destruction” it means outfit just got thrown away. PC and I also frequently use the term ball-washer. Gross.
  • Moby wraps or however it’s spelled look complicated but provide a good snuggly alternative to our Baby Bjorn. BB better when he’s upset and have urgent needs, Wrap when you have calm baby provides better mobility for chores m, etc.
  • My sister and nephew came this weekend to meet Poodle Baby. Selfies with 8 week olds and 2.5 year olds are impossible/hysterical.
  • Poodle baby so far at times is also nicknamed Demandy Pants or Sir Screams-a-lot or Thunderpants or The King.
  • I borrowed PC’s car and we experienced such a blow out (more poop talk) that it somehow hit the set across from his car seat (shudder). Oops.
  • Making paste out of Oxyclean and letting sit overnight on dook stains works miracles. I also assume it could solve other stain problems.
  • Sleep trumps sex in terms of bedroom activities these days.
  • Three adults and two kids in the house this weekend fell asleep before the ball dropped on NYE and no one was sad about that, in fact we applauded it.
  • Clothing with tons of snaps. Why???? Designed obviously by aliens who have never seen a child before let alone change a diaper. I mean…nothing says awesome like taking forever to snap full body pj’s only to find in the last snap that you aren’t lined up. 
  • Milk chocolate graham crackers from Starbucks should be illegal.
  • 9 weeks brought shots (worse tears for me than him), real tears and excessive drooling.!its like all of a sudden he became man of many liquids.

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