Two-ish Months 

I just realized I never posted poodle babe’s two month old pictures. Looks like I’m obviously running almost a month behind. We aren’t quite three months just yet, but with me going back to work next week I dare not wait to write at least his two month update now from his two month check in.

“I’m two months old today and turning into a really cool dude. I watch EVERYTHING that moves and I’m especially fond of staring at lights and ceiling fans. I hold my head up just about all the time. I love MOVING in the car, but scream my lungs out at stop signs and red lights. I’m growing more hair but my eyebrows are so fair you can barely see them still. Mom and dad still wonder what color my hair will be. I’m just about to full blown smile, right now it’s more of a smirk. I “talk” constantly with squeals and squeaks. I sleep at least 4 hours straight at night and I’m a pretty good sleeper even after that. I weigh about 12 pounds and have outgrown all newborn clothes. Even 3 month clothes are a bit short n length. I’m in size 1 diapers but likely not much longer as I can’t seem to stop growing!Can’t believe how time is flying!” 

Two months brought smiles, meeting grandpa and his Aunt for the first time and we even survived two month shots. Two months brought more joy to me than 30+ years. You’ll see a trend here yeah?

Now back to almost three months. The time really has flown by, and I am feeling very emotional about the end of my maternity leave and my return to work. I have always been career minded. I always thought I was someone that could easily go back to work as long as I felt I was leaving a baby in good hands. While I have the good hands part covered, it is not going to be easy to leave him. My biggest struggle is because the smallest things change every day. He has gone from being this tiny wrinkly helpless little baby, to a roughly 13.5 pound little man. Staying at home, I totally recognize that for women stay at home with their babies. Not every moment has been glamorous to say the least, but I will miss them. I will miss being on his schedule, and the baby snuggles that come with being able to cuddle after feeding him (and at so many other opportunities). My mom will be keeping him the first few weeks, followed by my dad, and that sets my heart more at ease knowing that he will be cuddled just as often. We are creeping up on our three month update next week. And with that, I just heard a shart, so blog time over until our hopefully sooner than later three month picture update!



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