Three Months and Charging On


Flynn 1-3

How is it even possible I have a three month old? People always said it would go by so fast, and now I realize that’s not even an exaggeration. Poodle Baby is doing great. He’s following objects/tracking and laughing and smiling more and more. The smiles  make all the sleepy nights worth it. He has constant talks with stuffed animals and ceiling fans. After all the struggles, my heart is so happy. PB continues to get taller fast, he’s now officially probably too tall for the bassinet but I haven’t  yet made the jump to the crib for more than afternoon naps or some mellow time… It’s not him that isn’t ready.

My mom (Gigi/Glamma/Nana) has been in town for almost two weeks now watching baby during the day. She will stay one more week and then my dad will take a week shift. Once we repeat this one more time in March, he will be off to a regular home daycare. The transition has been great, as I know I needed a little reassurance that going back to work was the right call. I’ve been able to come home at lunch (since I work 2 miles from the house) to nurse and to visit and sometimes to shovel down a fast sandwich. She’s helping get him on a more regulated schedule which I know will be a life saver when he switches to daycare and also for my dad when he is here.

I’ve struggled the last week to keep 100% up on my milk supply via pumping and it’s a bit of a vicious circle. The more you stress, the less milk you have. The less milk you have the more you stress. It’s just a classic which came first the chicken or the egg scenario. Anyhow, I seem to be getting it down, and while we’ve used up some of the frozen milk in the interim, I am now (I think) keeping up with the demand. So far we’ve been able to avoid having to supplement with formula. I am nursing for night feedings (we usually still have 1-2) and in the mornings and evenings as well as lunchtime. I pump at work at least two times and sometimes I try to do more if time allow. Past few nights I’ve pumped in the middle of the night too in order to gather  the few extra ounces I was running short. I’ve also been eating lactation cookies, drinking lactation tea, taking fenugreek and drinking water until I want to float away. I’m30 pounds lighter than I was pre-pregnancy and wonder if the weight loss impacts it at all. I still have 30 pounds more until I hit my ideal weight, but at least that process is underway. I also think with the stress of returning to work AND getting my period again that there were both psychological and physiological things working against me for about a week.

Valentine’s Day is around the bend and I can safely post on here since PC still doesn’t read the blog (in fairness, he lives it everyday, why would he need to?). All I got him was an coloring book and now that I think about it…I think I need colored pencils. Poodle Baby got him a little photo canvas with a picture from the day he was born for daddy’s new desk at work (same company, new role). He still continues to out do me for holidays, but at least this year I got something nicer for him than chapstick or beef jerky, am I right?

So I made the three month entry only a week or so late, I am getting better! Happy Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, and all that jazz.




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