Four Corners of the Earth

IMG_1490More like four months of the year. Chronologically BP is almost 5 months, but I am finally posting his four month update. Month four brought giggles, heavy hand sucking and a major sleep regression. Up to four months, we were lucky to be waking just once in the middle of the night usually for a feeding. Now we are back to about 4+ which is making for one sleepy sleepy mama. Several friends have suggested adding a nighttime formula bottle (slower to digest keeps them sleeping longer) but I haven’t brought myself to make any changes in the breast milk vs. formula options in our house yet.

Baby Man can roll! I am honestly scared to death. I thought I had a few more months before I needed to officially baby proof our house, but BP is proving me wrong. He rolled over both front to back and back to front for daddy. When my dad (Papa to BP) came to town, he continued to show off his skills for him, but held off from showing me anything. FINALLY I got to see it for myself! He can soooooort of stay sitting up if you prop him, but mostly no. His motor skills aren’t quite fine tuned, so he still sort of grabs at things like he has dinosaur claws rather than fingers (totally normal). And speaking of claws. OH.MY.GOD, why do baby nails grow so fast? We commonly use the phrase baby-daggers around the house when he’s in need of a trim.

BP’s hair and eyebrows are still so pale that he continues to look bald even though his hair is getting pretty thick! He still has a ring of darker hair that he was born with around the base of his skull/neck which we call his “friar Tuck” hairdo.

I continue to be amazed at how fast time is marching on. Here’s a comparison from his birthday to 4 months. Where did that tiny little guy go? Approx. 15.75 pounds and 25.5 inches long put this guy squarely in the “tall baby” category. Not surprising. My goal is to get back to a bit more regular updating…but you get how easy it is to be distracted by this handsome face right?IMG_1468



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