Five for Five

Number one, photo shoots are hard with a five-month-old. Baby poodle was all over the place. Much like his normal everyday behavior, he does not want to hold still and wants to put everything in his mouth including his sticker showing that he is five months old.
Number two, baby poodle is now 17 pounds and somewhere between 27 and 28 inches long. This is almost impossible to measure based on the behavior mentioned above in number one.

Number three, I am sure I will say this at every age from here on out, but this is my favorite age. He laughs and interacts, he follows everything with his eyes and is very decided in what makes him happy.

Number four, I was very nervous about going back to work in February, but at least I knew he was being taken care of by my parents. Now baby poodle has officially started and his babysitter/home daycare and everything seems to be going really well. His first day was pretty much awful, as he had not pooped in two days which is unusual for him… He naturally saved that for the drive over. It of course could not just be a normal poop, but had to cover him from his neck to his ankles. He started to cry, I started to cry, and consequently his babysitter started to cry because she felt so bad for me. But alas, he has been very calm every time I pick them up, and he really seems to be growing an affection for his sitter.

Number five, I think we will have an early mover. Wow month for ended with a real love of his feet and of his balls, he also seems to be trying so hard to get moving. He hasn’t quite mastered sitting up but he is inching around on his belly both during daytime hours, and in his crib during the night. We finally transitioned him to his crib, where he spends at least the first few hours of every night. 



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