Memories Aren’t Erased

#STARTASKING. One of the questions posed with this year’s theme of infertility week is “how do we keep those who have resolved their infertility still involved?”. Do you really ever resolve infertility? For many, you can solve the problem that is causing it, but once you have struggled, you are never cured of it. You are never cured of the memories, the battle, the feelings of helplessness. You are never cured of the empathy towards those still trying to conceive. Maybe the birth of a child will heal some of those wounds. If you’re lucky, you can take the infertility out of a couple, but in reality you cannot take the couple out of infertility. PC and I were fortunate. We count our blessings every single day that not only did IVF work for us, but it worked on our first attempt. In saying that, failing to conceive naturally, the failed medicines, the failed IUIs, The heartbreak every month when my period would show up for years on end are never far from my mind. Every year when I post on Facebook about national infertility week, I am always overwhelmed at the response from my friends list. Maybe I shouldn’t be. Maybe that is why I am fortunate to call those people my friends, because they have endlessly supported us–but my heart can’t help but hurt wondering how many of them are struggling silently themselves. I do not know if there are more children in our future. I do not know if it was prayer, science, or just sheer luck that helped us get our baby here. I do not know why so many are affected. What I DO know, is that I will always be an advocate for YOU. I will be a listening ear, I will answer any questions that I can, and I will pray, do monkey dances, and send every positive juju I can whether we are friends that talk frequently or rarely, whether we are or old high school friends or just acquaintances,or if you only know our story via blog. I am in your corner. 


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